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This blog post originally appeared in the September 2021 issue of Personal Care Europe

I started my career in the cosmetic industry in 1983. They let anyone in in those days. A few days in I got my first project, which was to reformulate a shaving stick. It wasn’t the biggest project, but it did lead my manager to make a prediction. He said that unlike him, I’d probably be spending half my time formulating products for men rather than women. He quoted some statistics which I believed, even though he probably made them up on the spot – 95% of cosmetic and personal care products were bought by women. But that was obviously going to change in the gender fluid world of the 1980s. After all, a lot of male pop stars were wearing mascara.

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Hair Loss – what you can do about baldness

Few people would chose to be bald; we all assume that it makes you less attractive. This consensus has been around at least since the Bible was written and certainly since then. It isn’t just Western culture either. Native American Indians tried to cure baldness with herbal remedies. It is surprising how often generally held beliefs like this turn out not to be true. But not this one. Continue reading

Are Personal Care Products Making Men Bald?

Are Personal Care Products Making Men Bald?

Has this man overdone the shampoo?

This was a question posed to me by a journalist on the Daily Telegraph.  The answer is of course no, but I’ll get onto that later.  First this is quite an interesting example of how stories like this originate.  Here is the full text of the e-mail I was sent. Continue reading

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor

So, what was wrong with the old safety razor?

We all join the party at different times, and I happened to start shaving just when dual blade razors came out.  The adverts showed a convincing graphic whereby the first blade removed the bulk of the hair, and then the second came along and nipped the last protruding bit before it had a chance to retract into safety.  We had already conquered the Moon and and broken the sound barrier.  And now this!  Oh brave new world to have search personal care technology in it. Continue reading

King of Shaves Azor 5 Review

I moved house a few weeks ago.  Moving is a good opportunity to change habits and I have thought for a while I ought to improve my personal grooming skills.  So I dumped all my products and personal care technology and I am now looking at replacing them all with new and better ones.  So lets start at the beginning.  Despite sporting a beard, I still need a razor.  So I spent some time in my local supermarket looking at the offerings. Continue reading

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Men: parallel parking yes, personal care no

One of the things you have to bear in mind when you are developing men’s products is that a lot of them are bought by women for men. Or for themselves. There is probably a marketing term for it. Cross gender sales drift or something. It reflects the fact that women are just a lot more interested in personal care than men are, and may even be more interested in men’s personal care than men are. Continue reading