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How Much Of A Cosmetic Product Do You Use?

I don’t suppose many people stop to think about how much shampoo or body lotion they are using.  I know I don’t.  But it is something that some people need to worry about.  When cosmetic products are assessed for their … Continue reading

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Formulating Lipstick Is Not Easy

Timea Sulenta – an Austrian cosmetic formulator has written a very informative article in the latest edition of the Personal Care magazine about the difficulties of formulating lipsticks.  Because formulating lipstick is not easy. For something so every day they … Continue reading

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Does Lip Balm Make Your Lips Dry?

  The Beauty Brains highlighted a list of three useless cosmetic product categories on their Twitter feed a couple of days ago that they had found on a blog.  The first two were pretty hard to argue with.  Split ends … Continue reading

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Endocrine Disruptors

As I made clear in my post on cosmetic safety assessments, as a rule cosmetics are safe and there is a good procedure in place to make sure they stay that way.   What I didn’t say is that this … Continue reading

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Cosmetic Safety Assessments

Since the nineties the European Union’s cosmetic legislation has required that all cosmetic and personal care products placed on the market should be assessed for safety by a suitably qualified person.  I am not sure what the exact thinking behind … Continue reading

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D4 and D5 Silicones – Should You Be Worried?

Nothing it is totally impossible, but the chances of a harmful ingredient getting into a cosmetic and affecting the health of the people who use it is really really unlikely.  Even if the people who formulated them were both stupid … Continue reading

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Pigments In Paintings And Cosmetics

I was glad I made the time last summer to visit the National Gallery’s exhibition of the pigments artists have used over the years.  It was a fascinating business, and it is a bit sobering to remember just how much … Continue reading

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Do You Need To Detox?

So you’ve enjoyed yourself over Christmas and now it is time to detox, right?  Well no.  The Christmas period brings inactivity, heavy food consumption and prolonged exposure to one’s family.  These are all bad things and you are no longer … Continue reading

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A Quick Guide To The Environmental Crisis

I give green personal care products a pretty rough time on this blog.  I don’t have any problem doing this as a public service because so many of them basically aren’t very good.  But it does run the risk that … Continue reading

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Don’t Get A Job – 5 Reasons It Is A Bad Idea

I get asked from time to time about how to become a cosmetic scientist. I have already talked about what kinds of qualifications you might need. But I think there is an assumption that the only way into this line … Continue reading

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