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Nano materials have gone from the status of great white hope for the future to major threat to life on the planet without going through the normal intermediate stages of being widely used for anything useful or giving rise to any … Continue reading

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Why We Need A Sugar Tax

I have a busy day ahead catching up on paperwork and writing reports.  To prepare I have stocked up on snacks, including a last minute dash to the Co-op for some bananas and ginger nut biscuits.  I noticed that by … Continue reading

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Perfume Makes You More Attractive

Perfume is supposed to make you smell nice.  That is sort of what it says on the tin. But newly published research indicates that it also makes you look better too.  The scientists showed photos of women’s faces to a … Continue reading

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Everyday Sexism In Lab Work

Scientists are often unaware of their own biases, and I am no exception.  I have never been keen on animal experiments even for drug development.  The ethics don’t trouble me too much.  If an experiment on an animal can prevent … Continue reading

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Correcting Acne Scars

If acne wasn’t bad enough already it can often leave scars on the face which can, in some cases, last a lifetime.  Fortunately severe disfigurement as a result of acne is rare, but unfortunately there isn’t a huge amount that … Continue reading

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Do You Know The Difference Between A Cream And An Ointment?

People often use the terms cream and ointment interchangeably.  They are both white substances that come in jars that you put on your skin, so that makes sense.  I think ointment sounds a bit more medical than cream, but other … Continue reading

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Studying Skin Penetration

The skin is the main organ of interest to the cosmetic scientist. You might well suppose that the skin, being something that we all possess and interact with on a daily basis, was something that we would know a lot … Continue reading

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Face the Future SCS Symposium – Interview with Barbara Brockway

SCS Symposium Face the Future It’s good to be spontaneous sometimes.  I ran into Barbara Brockway at Making Cosmetics.  Nobody in the industry needs to be told who Barbara is – she has worked at the Body Shop and several … Continue reading

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Do Antiperspirants Cause Breast Cancer?

I am afraid this is old news, though as it happens new to me.  I am not sure how I missed it but it turns out that a very large and well conducted survey was carried out into the link … Continue reading

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Beauty Bible Author Reveals Truth About Cosmetics And Science

I have only heard about the Beauty Bible compiled by the redoubtable Jo Fairley recently and I haven’t read it yet.  In fact I haven’t actually even seen it for sale anywhere.  A quick check on Amazon reveals that like … Continue reading

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