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Men: parallel parking yes, personal care no

One of the things you have to bear in mind when you are developing men’s products is that a lot of them are bought by women for men. Or for themselves. There is probably a marketing term for it. Cross gender sales drift or something. It reflects the fact that women are just a lot more interested in personal care than men are, and may even be more interested in men’s personal care than men are.

This was illustrated to me rather well when I mentioned on Twitter the other night that there are some good men’s grooming blogs about. I decided to be impish and say that I had three in mind without actually mentioning which ones I was talking about. As I half expected, I got some people asking which ones I was talking about. They were all women. I have a feeling that the grooming blogs may well have more female readers than male ones.

So come on guys, try and get with the programme. Here are my three favourite grooming blogs. Get your y chromosomes over to these sites. They are specifically designed with you in mind after all.

SCforM – it stands for Skin Care for Men. It isn’t just Skin Care, it covers most aspects of personal care that should interest males. New material posted most days showing a serious degree of commitment.

ApetoGentleman covers a lot of personal care products but also has a lot of lifestyle related stuff as well.

The Grooming Guru is much more a personal blog where the Grooming Guru shares his personal often very humorous views of lots of grooming related products and issues.  Not updated as often as the other two – though more often than mine so I can’t criticise – but worth the wait.

Give them a try.  Pay attention.  You may learn something.  And wouldn’t it be good to know the name of a personal care product that your wife or girlfriend hasn’t heard of.

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  1. Hi Colin,

    My name is Damian and I run a Men’s Grooming blog called GroomedGeezer ( and whilst doing some research I came across yours. I was wondering if you’d like to swap links to help drum up traffic?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Damian, good looking blog you have there. You have been very conscientious in getting lots of product reviews up. Is the plan to carry on doing those only, or are you going to branch out into more general posts as well?

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