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Why It’s Important To Develop New Products By Steve Jobs

There is very little rest to be had if you want to keep up in the beauty business.  New products come out with a frequency so high it is only audible to dogs. Consumers might well wonder why cosmetic companies are so frenetic in their launch schedules.  Well the answer is pretty simple. The beauty world is fiercely competitive. You just can’t afford to rest on your laurels. The media and the blogosphere are most interested in what is new so you had better have something new to give them. Continue reading

Improve your skin with a light mask?


The idea of the Dragon’s Den is a great one for a television programme.  What could be more fascinating than watching people pitching ideas to potential investors?  Unfortunately I don’t much care for the way the BBC actually go about it.  I find the host’s increasing resemblance to the cat in the hat unnerving.  The melodramatic editing with frequent previews and hammy music clips is also both annoying and is done in such a heavy handed way that you can predict the outcome and so lose all the suspense. Continue reading

The Elves and the Shoemaker

shoemaker and the elvesI was listening to a talk about marketing the other day and the speaker referred to the old fairy story of the elves and the shoemaker.  The shoemaker was down on his luck and down to his last pieces of leather. It was desperate times – even if he could make a pair of shoes from them the price he could get wouldn’t cover his living costs and still leave enough over to buy more leather to keep going.

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