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Rosin is a resin derived mainly from pine. It is a bit like one of those odd job men you run into who can do all sorts of odd things.  It is used to coat violin bows so they run … Continue reading

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A Natural Way Of Preserving Products Using Oregano

Regular readers will know that any aqueous cosmetic product needs a preservative to stop it going mouldy.  Preservatives tend to get a bad press, and given that most of them are inevitably toxic they are probably going to carry on … Continue reading

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Do We Need A Low Allergy Standard For Cosmetics?

The biggest cause of complaints to cosmetic companies from consumers are allergic reactions.  Anyone can develop an allergic reaction to anything at any time, so this is only to be expected.  There are some ingredients that are more inclined to … Continue reading

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Alcohol In Skin Products

If you put neat alcohol onto your skin and leave it there for any length of time it will dry your skin out.  This is something that is well known.  The exact details of how it works aren’t that well … Continue reading

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Natural Antioxidants

Antioxidants get a lot of interest for the skin benefits, but for a cosmetic chemist they also have a rather more mundane use.  If you are using natural ingredients in your products, and particularly some natural oils, you need to … Continue reading

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Is Greenwashing What People Want?

The first cosmetic science Twitter chat last Saturday was on the subject of natural products and how they have affected the scientists who develop them.  This is a bit of raw subject for most cosmetic scientists who are skeptical of … Continue reading

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Biodegradable Scrubs

Getting rid of plastic beads from cosmetics is good for the environment, but that doesn’t mean we have to go without scrubs.  There are plenty of very interesting  and highly biodegradable alternatives. Here are a few that are being used.

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Hydrolysed Wheat Protein

I have written a couple of times about products promoted as gluten free.  Framed like that, for the vast majority of people they are completely pointless.  Unless you know you have a specific problem with gluten there is no reason … Continue reading

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Why You Can’t Use The Bit At The Bottom Of A Lipstick

A friend of mine has a premium lipstick they use for serious socialising, and a cheaper workaday one that is good enough for when they are seeing less important people like me.  She hit on a whizzo wheeze of melting … Continue reading

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Just How Much Water Is In Your Personal Care Products?

Water is just as much an ingredient as any other in personal care products.  Yes it is cheap, and yes the more water you put into a formulation the lower your costs will be.  But in all but the cheapest … Continue reading

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