How Much Of A Cosmetic Product Do You Use?

How Much Cosmetic Product Do You Use

I don’t suppose many people stop to think about how much shampoo or body lotion they are using.  I know I don’t.  But it is something that some people need to worry about.  When cosmetic products are assessed for their safety the amount that is used is a relevant parameter.  Obviously you use a lot more body lotion than face cream for example.  So you need to take this into account.  Continue reading

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Body Shop Drops Of Youth Wonderblur Review

I was interested to see that Body Shop have a new optical primer out.  This is a fairly new category of product that was really pioneered by Nanoblur.  I have explained in a previous post how products like this one and Nanoblur work – basically by manipulating the refractive index of the upper layers of the skin to modify the way they reflect light making the wrinkles much harder to see. Continue reading

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Dolce and Gabbana Homophobic Comments

dolce and gabbana homophobic comments

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Being a weak and not very disciplined person I tend to start my day not with a vigorous work out or reading something weighty and worthy, but scanning my Twitter feed for something entertaining.  So this morning I woke up to a meme accusing fashion house Dolce and Gabbana of making homophobic comments.  This isn’t a political blog so readers can make up their own minds what they think of whether the D&G guys had a point or not when they suggested that gay couples shouldn’t raise children.  But it did make me ponder just how careful the owner of a brand has to be. Continue reading

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A Guide To Cosmetic Ingredients For The Perplexed

Posts have been a bit less frequent lately because I have been devoting some of the time  I would otherwise use for blogging to writing a mini-book on cosmetic ingredients.  I have finally finished sorting out all the typos and such like, and it is now on Amazon.  At the moment I am just doing it as a Kindle book, but if it proves popular I hope to do a full cellulose and ink version at some point.  I’ll see how it goes. Continue reading

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Unilever Acquires REN

I have always been rather mystified by the appeal of REN.  I haven’t sampled the whole range, but the ones I have tried have been distinctly not particularly good examples of their class.  I have also never quite worked out the philosophy behind what they approve of in the way of ingredients and what they don’t.  But a lot of people like them and they have got good distribution and sales. Indeed, they have done well enough to be an enticing enough morsel for the giant conglomerate Unilever to add them to their wide portfolio. Continue reading

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Cosmetics Reviews By Fawesome TV

Cosmetic Reviews By Fawesome TV

I noticed that my TV box  had a channel called Cosmetics Reviews on it.  So I thought I  would have a look.  I had to give them my e-mail address so I guess I will be shortly in line to receive fantastic offers in my inbox, but it was easy to sign up and didn’t cost anything.  When I got there I discovered it was basically what it said on the label.  It was a compendium of beauty reviews.   The reviews are much like the kind of reviews you can get simply by searching Youtube.   Continue reading

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Our bodies are engaged in a continual battle against oxygen.  Oxygen breaks down anything complex.  It makes fats go rancid.  It cleaves and disorders proteins. It wrecks DNA.  So basically our bodies are targets of oxygen molecules.  We need to defend against them, and the workhorse of that defence is vitamin E.  A third of the body’s vitamin E is located in the skin – which makes sense because that is where most of the oxygen is. Continue reading

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REACH and Animal Testing

REACH and Animal Testing

The most recent version of the cosmetic regulations, which came into force in the summer of 2013, made it illegal to test on animals for the purposes of developing cosmetics. This is something that has pleased most people, who tend to think of cosmetics as not really being worth being cruel to animals for.  It doesn’t bother cosmetic chemists for whom the tests have never really been any help anyway. The only stumbling block has been the people responsible for consumer safety for whom the use of animals to test for toxicity was a useful form of reassurance. Continue reading

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Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo

Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo is being heavily advertised on UK television at the moment.  The advert is well made but it made my eyebrow raise a little when I first saw it.  Surely they weren’t claiming that their product could promote hair growth?  It didn’t take long for the advert to come around again.  This time I paid attention, and on second viewing I realised that they didn’t actually make that claim at all. Continue reading

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Fomblin – Have You Fombled?


Almost no idea is so far fetched that somebody somewhere hasn’t proposed using it as the basis of a new cosmetic.  This came to mind the other day when the element fluorine was mentioned in a conversation I was having.  This triggered off word association in my brain and reminded me of a meeting some twenty years ago.  The proposal was to use highly fluorinated compounds in skin products.  The technical name was perfluorocarbons, but the trade name was Fomblin. Continue reading

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