We’re a team of cosmetic scientists working from a lab in the Sussex countryside. We work on all stages of bringing a product to market from the original idea, through working up samples, getting the paperwork together and finding somewhere to get the final item made.

Personal Care Product Development

CCC is an independent development lab that works with clients to provide them with the technical support they need to achieve their goals. Our aim is to give them what they need to succeed.  We hope that they do.  It gives us satisfaction in a job well done.  We like to see people doing well, not least because we hope they come back for more in the future.

Every client and every project is different.  But in essence, we aim to provide you with both a formulation that performs well and with everything you need from us to go forward with it.  This includes the formulation itself.  We retain no ownership of it and you are free to do with it whatever you wish.  We include specifications for the raw materials used and suggested suppliers for those raw materials.    We set specifications for the finished product itself and give the full details of how it should be manufactured.   If needed, we can also provide a report detailing the development process itself – this is something that might be needed for some pharma applications or may be of interest if you have your own lab or plan to set one up in the future.

Cosmetic Regulations

When developing products we always have to keep in mind the regulatory environment that our clients have to work in, but we are also aware of commercial requirements as well. Nobody buys a product because it is legal. We know that while a product has to be compliant this has to be achieved in a way that is practical.

We can also provide whatever regulatory support you need for your particular market whether it be an EU compliant CPSR, a full stability report, a claims support package or the contents for a chemistry and pharmacy dossier for a product license application.   

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