Does Getting Up Earlier Make You Slimmer?


Back in 2011 there was some media coverage of a story that said a new survey had shown that getting up early was linked with being happier and slimmer.  The Daily Mail ran the headline “Want to be happier and slimmer? Get up earlier.”  That doesn’t leave much room for interpretation.  I was interested at the time, but there was no link to any actual research so I forgot about it.  But by a fluke I happened to come across what I think must have been the origin of the story.   Continue reading

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Do Anti-Ageing Creams Cause Autism?


Another day, another scare story. This one suggests that ingredients in anti-ageing creams can affect the development of unborn children so they are more likely to be born autistic. Well, nothing is totally impossible but this one seems a bit more far fetched than most. The research has found that brain development can be affected by high levels of lipids.  This doesn’t seem particularly surprising to me.  Brain development is a highly delicate process so disrupting it shouldn’t be too difficult.  And lipids are certainly used in anti-ageing creams.  So should we start to worry?  Let’s have a look at what lipids are first. Continue reading

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The Story of Cosmetics Part 1 -Neanderthals (Sponsored by Artful Teasing)

mineral pigments and pestle neanderthal cosmetics

Let’s start at the beginning since as the song says, it is a very good place to start. And when I say the beginning I really do mean the beginning.  Archeological finds  have indicated that we have been using makeup for a very long time.  In fact we may well have been using makeup for longer than we have been human.   Our story starts with the Neanderthals. Continue reading

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Detox – Are Biscuits The Answer?


Reading Twitter first thing in the morning is not a great idea.  Your blood sugar level is low and you are quite likely to find it annoying.  For example this morning I was confronted with a set of tweets promoting detox products and programmes.  My response was to tweet that I had just investigated the detox properties of eating a biscuit.  I had eaten a biscuit and felt better, and so concluded that biscuits are valuable form of detox therapy.  (Note for American readers – in the UK a biscuit is the name for what you call a cookie.)  Continue reading

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MI in Paint

MI in paint

One of the most surprising things about blogging is how much you learn.  A good example arrived in my inbox yesterday.  I have just started a newsletter for people with sensitive skin, largely because I get a lot of people getting in touch looking for information about it, and in particular sensitivity to methylisothiazolinone or MI.  This is of course of no interest at all to the 99.9% people who don’t have a problem with it, so I thought a newsletter was a good way of giving them the information they want without devoting too many blog posts to it.  But a list member drew my attention to something simply too interesting not to share it. Continue reading

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Glycation and Skin Ageing


Nobody knows exactly why we age.  One popular theory is that staying alive is simply too hard to keep it up for long.  We have large and complicated bodies full of intricate chemicals, all of which are under constant attack from oxygen in the atmosphere.  It is a bit like a ship in the middle of the ocean. Holes keep springing in the hull.  We can patch them up, but eventually the whole thing gets beyond repair and the ship sinks.   Continue reading

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Eating Vegetables Makes You Attractive


Not every blog post I do is an instant hit.  The one I did yesterday about 5 a day for example was met with widespread indifference.  Oh well.  But it did remind me that there is another reason to eat fresh fruit and vegetables apart from simply being more healthy. They can also make you more attractive. Continue reading

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Is Five A Day Enough?


Another day, another health story to wake up to on the radio.  It turns out that five a day is not enough.  We need to eat at least seven portions of fruit and/or vegetable a day.  More if you can.  Oh, and fruit isn’t as healthy as vegetables.  But the good news is you will live 7.5 years longer if you eat seven or more.  You’ll probably get onto your greengrocer’s Christmas card list as well. Continue reading

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Latest News on MI


I get a lot of traffic to this blog from people interested in methylisothiazolinone, or as it is now known MI.   For people who haven’t been following the story, here’s a quick recap.  MI has been used for about 40 years in combination with a closely related chemical called methylchloroisothiazolinone.  I’ll call that MCI.   The combination works extremely well at very low levels.  Its Achilles Heel is that it causes a lot of allergic reactions when used at higher levels.  This took formulators a while to work out when it was first introduced.  But the level was scaled down and the reactions went down.  Continue reading

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Olay Regenerist Daily 3 Point Treatment Cream

The second highest selling personal care product in the UK at the moment is Olay Regenerist Daily 3 Point Treatment Cream.  (The top seller is Bio-Oil, but I have already done that one.)   Users are giving it pretty good reviews, and if Olay are stuffing the reviews with fake positive ones they are doing it very cleverly because the reviews seem to be pretty genuine.  So lets have a look at the ingredients. Continue reading

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