The EU’s Categories of Cosmetic Products

EU Cosmetic Product Categories

cosmetic regulation course

Have you ever wondered what exactly a cosmetic is?  Most people don’t give it a second thought.  And why should they?  But the people who drafted the EU’s Cosmetic Regulations  had to be a bit more systematic and before they started coming up with the regulations they drew up a list of the thirty categories of cosmetic product which they covered.  Being a bit of an imp I instantly tried to think of any they had left out.  I couldn’t, but I wondered if any of the shiny, happy and reproductively successful people who read this blog could think of any.

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June Bracelet


cosmetic regulation course

I was reading the Face Up Beauty blog the other day and came across a really neat idea.  It is called a June Bracelet, and it is a device that monitors your exposure to solar radiation and gives you advice on what is the appropriate action to take.   Continue reading

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California Toxic Cosmetic Ingredient Database Pleases Nobody

toxic cosmetic chemicals database

cosmetic regulation course

I have written before about the California Toxic Cosmetic Ingredient Database of supposedly risky ingredients run by the state government in California.  As part of piece of legislation called Proposition 65 the Californian government has set up a database which keeps track of cosmetic ingredients.  The state has a long list of chemicals which have been linked in some way to health problems.  The list is a long one and mainly consists of chemicals that have no relevance to the cosmetic industry.  (It has other purposes so this isn’t surprising.)  But a handful of them are used fairly widely, so chemists for cosmetic companies have to check the list against their company’s formulations and notify them on a database set up for the purpose. Continue reading

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Don’t eat organic? Start. Eat a lot of organic? Eat less.

Organic food just as healthy

Most news stories are bad news about things we can’t do anything about.  There really isn’t any point in worrying about things outside our control, but most of us do anyway.  But stories about health and the environment sometimes do suggest that there is something we can do in response.  We can’t stop people in the Middle East killing each other but we can choose what kinds of food we eat.  There was just such a news story on the radio this morning with the release of a study that shows that organic food is different to conventional food.  This was the background to a debate on BBC Radio 4 between a nutritionist and a representative of the Soil Association.   Continue reading

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A Problem With Skin Reactions To Esters

A Problem With Skin Reactions To Esters

My long term Twitter chum Musical Houses raised a problem she has with some cosmetic ingredients with me over Twitter, using no less than 8 tweets to do it.  Such patience clearly deserves an answer. Continue reading

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China Has Banned Animal Testing For Internally Produced Cosmetics

China Modifies Its Position on Animal Testing

China Modifies Its Position on Animal Testing

Hot on the heals of the relaxing of the requirement for animal testing on products imported into China, the Chinese government has now also banned animal testing on products produced in the country itself. Continue reading

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China Modifies Its Position on Animal Testing

China Modifies Its Position on Animal Testing

China Modifies Its Position on Animal Testing

A lot of companies have run into problems with China.  China’s rules on cosmetics are quite different to those in most other countries.  They require products to be submitted prior to launch to a body called the SFDA, short for the State Food and Drug Agency, which is a bit like the USA’s FDA.  They then either approve or reject them.   Continue reading

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Bisabolol It is a common observation amongst pharmaceutical scientists that many of the top selling drugs of all time are derived from plants.  The one that is usually quoted is aspirin that was first developed by modifying an ingredient found in the bark of willow trees.  Another example, though not one that has quite the high profile of aspirin,  is a molecule called bisabolol with anti-inflammatory properties found in quite a few plants.  It is particularly abundant in the German Chamomile, and its properties have been recognised for centuries with chamomile being a popular folk remedy for all sorts of things. Continue reading

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Crowdfunding Your Cosmetic Company Start Up

Crowdfunding Your Cosmetic Company Start Up

Is crowd funding your cosmetic company start up a good idea?  I have somehow ended up on the mailing list of a company that is putting a lot of effort into getting funding via this route.  As I am not interested in investing I am finding it all a bit intrusive and annoying and I have unsubscribed, but I dare say if I was looking to invest some money I would find it more interesting.  But it did make me wonder if this was a viable method of funding new start ups in the cosmetic sector. Continue reading

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What Are The Risks of Combining Dihydroxyacetone and Dimethyl Isosorbide in Self Tans?

Combining Dihydroxyacetone and Dimethyl Isosorbide

Hi Colin,

I’ve been a loyal reader of your blog for quite some time and enjoy the reliable advice you give as a professional. Therefore I would like your opinion on something that has been bothering me for a while.

I’m an avid user of fake tan (wear it basically all the time) and lately I’ve seen more and more formulas containing DMI (dimethyl isosorbide) as an “accelerator” or skin penetration enhancer. This promotes the absorption of DHA into the skin.

Now my question is whether this DMI also takes the DHA deeper into the skin and possibly even into the bloodstream. The reason I’m asking this is the fact that there have been a few scientific studies that have shown a link between DHA and free radicals or DNA damage. This worries me a bit and makes me wonder whether I should avoid fake tan products containing DMI.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Charlene Continue reading

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