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Why does your face Wrinkle in some places more than others?

This was the question answered by a very interesting article on Cosmetics Design Europe this morning. I have to say I never really thought to ask it before. But it is an interesting question. Buy my Kindle mini-book on cosmetic … Continue reading

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How Soap And Shower Gel Dry Your Skin

I think I can claim to be something of an expert about skincare, but the trouble with getting really immersed in a subject is that you begin to forget that not everybody knows what you know.  I spend a lot … Continue reading

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Does Lip Balm Make Your Lips Dry?

  The Beauty Brains highlighted a list of three useless cosmetic product categories on their Twitter feed a couple of days ago that they had found on a blog.  The first two were pretty hard to argue with.  Split ends … Continue reading

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Can Eating A Tube of Toothpaste Kill A Child?

  A gentleman describing himself on Twitter as a celebrity dentist called Dr Gerry Curatola put out this alarming tweet on the 9th of December 2013.  “There is enough #flouride in a standard tube of toothpaste that, if ingested, can be … Continue reading

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Love Your Products

Most of you won’t know this, but I am a long time development chemist who has become a consultant to pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries about a year ago.  I know most of you don’t know this because I obsessively monitor … Continue reading

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Women Like Beards

Lovers of taste and decorum will of course be aware that this year’s Eurovision Song Contest was won by Conchita Wurst.  Whilst her success was no doubt largely due to musicality and creative artistry, it may have caught some people’s … Continue reading

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Does Getting Up Earlier Make You Slimmer?

Back in 2011 there was some media coverage of a story that said a new survey had shown that getting up early was linked with being happier and slimmer.  The Daily Mail ran the headline “Want to be happier and … Continue reading

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Eating Vegetables Makes You Attractive

Not every blog post I do is an instant hit.  The one I did yesterday about 5 a day for example was met with widespread indifference.  Oh well.  But it did remind me that there is another reason to eat … Continue reading

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Egyptian Skincare

Sometime ago I had a question about whether French skincare was any good from a half Egyptian woman living in Canada called Yasmine.  She described herself as a  “freelance makeup artist, beauty junkie and organic modernist bohemian.”   She sounded like … Continue reading

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Is Hydrolyze the Answer to Dark Circles Under the Eyes? (Hint – No)

The pert and perky Dave Bradley of ScienceBase has a way with words so I can’t do better than cut and paste an e-mail he has just sent me. Hi How’s it going? Dunno if you’ve come across this before, … Continue reading

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