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Health is closely related to beauty – if you look healthy you generally look good as well as feeling good.

Free From Claims On Cosmetics

  My good friend Dene Godfrey wrote an article for personal care truth denouncing the practice of free from the claims on cosmetics. This is very much the kind of thing Dene does, and he did it very well. Normally … Continue reading

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Vitiligo Treatment?

Around one 1% of all people on the planet suffer from vitiligo. It affects all races and ages equally, but loss of pigment is obviously more noticeable a the darker your skin is. So it is more noticeable when someone … Continue reading

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Are We Eating Too Much Salt?

Channel 4’s Dispatches series recently broadcast a programme where they had been investigating the amount of salt in processed food. They sort of assumed we already knew what the problem with eating too much salt is. They mentioned that it … Continue reading

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Why does your face Wrinkle in some places more than others?

This was the question answered by a very interesting article on Cosmetics Design Europe this morning. I have to say I never really thought to ask it before. But it is an interesting question.

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Colin’s Detox Programme

Between Monday and Friday last week I lost 2.4Kg. I also felt a higher level of energy, was more mentally alert and slept better. And I didn’t feel hungry at any stage. Let me share my detox programme with you.

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No Denmark, Methylisothiazolinone Should Not Be Banned

Cosmetic Design Europe is reporting that the Danish Environment Minister Kirsten Brosbøl has called for methylisothiazolinone or MI to be banned across Europe.  I have to say I think this is a really bad idea, but I do see how she came … Continue reading

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Endocrine Disruptors

As I made clear in my post on cosmetic safety assessments, as a rule cosmetics are safe and there is a good procedure in place to make sure they stay that way.   What I didn’t say is that this … Continue reading

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Why Would A Company Switch To MI?

I have just had someone get in touch to tell me that Ecover Wipes have just changed their formulation to include methylisothiazolinone  (MI) as the preservative.  I haven’t been able to confirm this myself so I will have to treat … Continue reading

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Do You Need To Detox?

So you’ve enjoyed yourself over Christmas and now it is time to detox, right?  Well no.  The Christmas period brings inactivity, heavy food consumption and prolonged exposure to one’s family.  These are all bad things and you are no longer … Continue reading

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Do We Need A Low Allergy Standard For Cosmetics?

The biggest cause of complaints to cosmetic companies from consumers are allergic reactions.  Anyone can develop an allergic reaction to anything at any time, so this is only to be expected.  There are some ingredients that are more inclined to … Continue reading

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