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Health is closely related to beauty – if you look healthy you generally look good as well as feeling good.

Detox – Are Biscuits The Answer?

Reading Twitter first thing in the morning is not a great idea.  Your blood sugar level is low and you are quite likely to find it annoying.  For example this morning I was confronted with a set of tweets promoting … Continue reading

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MI in Paint

One of the most surprising things about blogging is how much you learn.  A good example arrived in my inbox yesterday.  I have just started a newsletter for people with sensitive skin, largely because I get a lot of people … Continue reading

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Eating Vegetables Makes You Attractive

Not every blog post I do is an instant hit.  The one I did yesterday about 5 a day for example was met with widespread indifference.  Oh well.  But it did remind me that there is another reason to eat … Continue reading

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Is Five A Day Enough?

Another day, another health story to wake up to on the radio.  It turns out that five a day is not enough.  We need to eat at least seven portions of fruit and/or vegetable a day.  More if you can. … Continue reading

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Dermatitis on the Face

A question from Junie Hi My doctor whi is also a dermatologist says I have dermatitis. On my face and eye lids, the cream he gave me made it worse, the next cream he suggested I refused as it contained … Continue reading

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Aching Joints

People are living longer, which means that there are more older people around.  Consequently the problems that older people suffer from are now affecting more and more people.  One of those problems is aching joints, and any product that brings … Continue reading

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Blame it on the Bougie – 5 things about candles

If you like scented candles and you like trivial facts, you will love this post.  It is five trivial facts about candles.

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Do Antiperspirants Cause Breast Cancer?

I am afraid this is old news, though as it happens new to me.  I am not sure how I missed it but it turns out that a very large and well conducted survey was carried out into the link … Continue reading

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Essential Oils Against Head Lice

Head lice are a recurrent problem all over the world. The lice are no respecters of income levels, general cleanliness and the degree of diligence of the child’s mother. The only thing they take notice of is effective anti-lice treatments. … Continue reading

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Fat versus Sugar – Horizon BBC2

They are both bad, but which is worse? Fat or Sugar? A couple of twins who are both doctors investigated by eating just one or the other for a month.

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