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Bluebeard’s Revenge – Product Review

bluebeard's revenge

I was sent some samples of a new shaving range to try.  It is called Bluebeard’s Revenge and apart from when they contacted me I haven’t heard anything about this brand nor seen it on any shelves anywhere.  There were three items – a shaving brush, a shaving cream and an after shave balm.

So how did they look?  The brush was a bit of a disappointment.  It was light weight and had bristles that managed to be both rather poor at working up a lather, and rather uncomfortable to use.  It also had a rather indistinct logo screen printed onto it which had the effect of making what looked rather cheap to begin with even cheaper.

The shaving cream itself, once I had switched to fingers instead of brush, was pretty good.  It foamed easily and softened the hairs just as a good shaving cream should.  A little of it went a long way and it was an enjoyable experience.   The after shave balm was also pretty good.  It didn’t sting, rubbed in easily and had a pleasant green note, almost minty, which was just the ticket.  It left the skin feeling soft and in smooth.  I liked it enough that when it runs out I will certainly consider purchasing it.

As I say, I don’t know anything about the people behind it, but I imagine that they are fairly small because I think they have been forced to make a few compromises on the packaging.  The boxes look good.  They have a customised lid with a skull and cross bones embossed onto it that is quite impressive.  The actual jars let this impression down being thin and a bit too flexible.

A brand is more than just its formulations.  It should have a personality as well.  Bluebeard’s Revenge certainly has that.  It boldly states that if you are a member of the bum fluff brigade, the product is not for you.   This is a rough, tough product for rough, tough men.  Oh and its not for girls either.  You have been told.

I like this tongue in cheek humorous approach.  Men don’t like to take themselves too seriously, or at least don’t like to appear to take themselves too seriously.   So humour is a good way of getting them on board.  This is something that Bulldog and King of Shaves do very well.  Bluebeard’s Revenge have got the message too.   I did wonder if they maybe should try to get a bit of gravitas in there too.  They might be just a bit too flippant, and perhaps a bit more focus on the actual benefits of the products would be in order.

I think they are have a big job ahead of them establishing this brand.  Men are a lot more conservative about their personal care products than women.  And it is hard to see exactly what this brand offers that would motivate guys to seek it out.  But good luck to them.  It would be good to have more choice in the shaving sector.

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