Edwin Jagger Safety Razor

So, what was wrong with the old safety razor?

We all join the party at different times, and I happened to start shaving just when dual blade razors came out.  The adverts showed a convincing graphic whereby the first blade removed the bulk of the hair, and then the second came along and nipped the last protruding bit before it had a chance to retract into safety.  We had already conquered the Moon and and broken the sound barrier.  And now this!  Oh brave new world to have search personal care technology in it.

But dual blade razors were relatively expensive and so I started with a boring old safety razor.  Just the one blade. It was hell.  Or so it seemed.  Since then we have been on a sort of continual treadmill of ever increasing blade numbers.  Two blades became first affordable and then standard. Three blades arrived.  Now nobody bats an eyelid at five blades.  We have become blasé and jaded yawning at the increasing number of edges available to scrape our skin with.

In the end, I decided enough was enough.  It was time to get back to basics.  I wanted to relive the pure simplicity of the days when shaving was simply a matter of getting a blade in contact with your facial hair.

So I bought a simple safety razor.  The first I have owned since the seventies.  To mark this historic event, I have videoed my reactions as I opened the box.  I hope to keep you up to date with journey, but this is where it began.

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