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A carbomer gel

There aren’t a huge number of raw materials developed specifically to fulfill a need in personal care.  Most things that go into your cosmetics and toiletries were originally intended for another purpose altogether and got pressed into service by formulators.  But carbomer was always intended for skin products.  It has subsequently been used by other industries but it was ours to begin with. Continue reading

Xanthan Gum

xanthan gum

Don’t leave your lettuce in the fridge too long

If you leave a lettuce in the fridge for too long it gets a rather interesting texture.  Its sort of lubricious and a bit slimy but not actually wet.  This is the result of a bacteria that takes part in the very early stages of breaking down vegetable matter.  The bacteria is called Xanthomonas campestris and the feeling is the result of a material it exudes called xanthan gum.  Continue reading