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A lot of people have asked me for lists of MI free products since the molecule has been in the news.  It is impossible for one person to keep on top of this but I do try and share tips that people send me via my newsletter.  I also tried to compile lists with the help of readers.  This worked okay, but not as well as I was hoping so I am throwing it open to anyone to contribute.  If you have any products to add please just put a comment below the relevant list.

N.B., Recommendations for whole ranges of products aren’t very useful, even when the company behind them says that they have a policy of avoiding MI.  Policies can change overnight, and companies often sell brands, buy other companies or simply reorganise themselves.  It is hard enough keeping track of individual products let alone anything else.

I will also not accept links back to manufacturer’s websites or from representatives of producer companies.

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14 thoughts on “MI Free Product Lists

  1. Joanne Page

    Dear Colin,
    I am studying cosmetic science and stumbled across your website. I wanted to say how interesting and helpful it is. Your video on humectants, glycerine and hyaluronic acid made a nice break from reading and was very informative.
    Thank you.

  2. Tia Pettijohn

    I was given the results of my patch test today after months of incredible itching and rash. It turns out I am allergic to Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone (Kathon CG). The research Dermatologist I went to gave me some information on these and I am surprised at how many other names are used for these. This makes it very difficult to screen the ingredient lists. I was relieved to find out that my personal care products are free from these (Kale Naturals), but my laundry and dish soap is not. I tried looking for ingredients online, but not all of the websites publish ingredient lists with their MSDS forms.

    Can you make any laundry or dish soap recommendations?

    Thank you so much!

  3. Valerie

    it shouldn’t be difficult to screen ingredient lists at all; methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone are inci names and that is what should be listed on the ingredient listing. Names like Kathon CG and MicroCare ITO etc are trade names and cannot go on an ingredient listing. Many brands contract manufacture and wouldn’t even know what trade name their manufacturer is using.

  4. Valerie

    I will say my comment is for personal care; in household products it is a little different because the ingredient listings don’t have to be disclosed at all. However if they were disclosed I think they would still use their inci names.

  5. Raegan

    Think your website is very useful.

    You could add L’Oreals Toleriane Ultra range to your list they DO NOT contain MI! ?

    Many thanks

  6. Colin Post author

    Thanks for that Raegan. The Toleriane Ultra range is of course owned by L’Oréal, but the branding is La Roche-Posay for the benefit of people who don’t follow the cosmetic business that closely.

  7. Anonymous

    You could add Original Source. Also for all those suffering (I did for 8 years) and after being prescribed just about everything, I accidentally discovered that a simple tube of Savlon was everything I needed. I ditched my Dermovate and generously applied Savlon and mine cleared up! Germalene made no difference. Hope this helps at least one other person!

  8. Colin Post author

    Thanks for that Anonymous. I am afraid Original Source isn’t enough detail. They have a range of products and it is not impossible for some to contain MI and others not. The tip about Savlon is interesting and I hope that it helps some other people too.

  9. Janet Gumz

    I have just had patch testing and it came back positive where can i buy the free of (mi) and (MCI).

  10. Maureen Harvey

    Re the above comment, we are visiting Brisbane in November and I have found this site and its comments useful while looking for sunscreen.

  11. Anonymous

    Can anyone recommend a dishwashing detergent that’s MI free? I live in Australia. Not sure if the Palmolive is available here? Thanks, Julie

  12. John

    Julie – The dishwashing detergent I use may not be available in Australia, it is called Honest Dish Soap from the Honest Soap Company.

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