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A lot of people have asked me for lists of MI free products since the molecule has been in the news.  It is impossible for one person to keep on top of this but I do try and share tips that people send me via my newsletter.  I also tried to compile lists with the help of readers.  This worked okay, but not as well as I was hoping so I am throwing it open to anyone to contribute.  If you have any products to add please just put a comment below the relevant list.

N.B., Recommendations for whole ranges of products aren’t very useful, even when the company behind them says that they have a policy of avoiding MI.  Policies can change overnight, and companies often sell brands, buy other companies or simply reorganise themselves.  It is hard enough keeping track of individual products let alone anything else.

I will also not accept links back to manufacturer’s websites or from representatives of producer companies.

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  1. Dear Colin,
    I am studying cosmetic science and stumbled across your website. I wanted to say how interesting and helpful it is. Your video on humectants, glycerine and hyaluronic acid made a nice break from reading and was very informative.
    Thank you.

  2. I was given the results of my patch test today after months of incredible itching and rash. It turns out I am allergic to Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone (Kathon CG). The research Dermatologist I went to gave me some information on these and I am surprised at how many other names are used for these. This makes it very difficult to screen the ingredient lists. I was relieved to find out that my personal care products are free from these (Kale Naturals), but my laundry and dish soap is not. I tried looking for ingredients online, but not all of the websites publish ingredient lists with their MSDS forms.

    Can you make any laundry or dish soap recommendations?

    Thank you so much!

    1. it shouldn’t be difficult to screen ingredient lists at all; methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone are inci names and that is what should be listed on the ingredient listing. Names like Kathon CG and MicroCare ITO etc are trade names and cannot go on an ingredient listing. Many brands contract manufacture and wouldn’t even know what trade name their manufacturer is using.

    2. I will say my comment is for personal care; in household products it is a little different because the ingredient listings don’t have to be disclosed at all. However if they were disclosed I think they would still use their inci names.

  3. Think your website is very useful.

    You could add L’Oreals Toleriane Ultra range to your list they DO NOT contain MI! ?

    Many thanks

    1. Thanks for that Raegan. The Toleriane Ultra range is of course owned by L’Oréal, but the branding is La Roche-Posay for the benefit of people who don’t follow the cosmetic business that closely.

  4. You could add Original Source. Also for all those suffering (I did for 8 years) and after being prescribed just about everything, I accidentally discovered that a simple tube of Savlon was everything I needed. I ditched my Dermovate and generously applied Savlon and mine cleared up! Germalene made no difference. Hope this helps at least one other person!

    1. Thanks for that Anonymous. I am afraid Original Source isn’t enough detail. They have a range of products and it is not impossible for some to contain MI and others not. The tip about Savlon is interesting and I hope that it helps some other people too.

  5. Re the above comment, we are visiting Brisbane in November and I have found this site and its comments useful while looking for sunscreen.

  6. Can anyone recommend a dishwashing detergent that’s MI free? I live in Australia. Not sure if the Palmolive is available here? Thanks, Julie

  7. Julie – The dishwashing detergent I use may not be available in Australia, it is called Honest Dish Soap from the Honest Soap Company.

  8. I have just found out that I am allergic to CL + ME ISOTHIAZOLINONE, and my sheet mentions to also avoid Methyilosthiazoninone (MI) , Methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI), Kathon and 5-chloro-2-methyl-4isothiazolin and a few other numbers like 2H 3-one. I’m not a doctor or scientist so I googled a few to find if they were ‘related’ to MONOehanolomine or BENZisothiazolinone which is in a few of my products. I stumbled on your very helpful website and I’m still confused! Do I have to avoid any and all things with even part of ISOTHIAZOLINONE in it name. There are so many ISOTHIAZOLINONE with different prefixes, I’m not sure if I need to AVOID all ! What does the CL + ME stand for on the sheet my doctor gave me and am I only allergic to those? I didn’t get alot of information from him. Products in UK seem different from US, not clear how to get the right info to get rid of the products causing the awful rash I have on my face do to this allergy. I have NEVER joined an online chat group, but I would love some support. I’m confused and would like to get answers on what products I’m using that ALL OF A SUDDEN are causing this rash. Many of my products I have used for most of my life without this issue. Thank you.

  9. I am not a scientist, but a fellow with this shared allergy. It is my understanding if the Isothiazolinone is a part of the ingredient it has the same allergic consequence. Labeling is so much better than it used to be when its presence could be masked in the term ‘fragrance.’ So reading labels is informative. It is usually the last ingredient, so I read bottom up. Unfortunately, company websites are not helpful at all with regard to inclusion of the ingredient in their products.
    In contrast to their the websites, most companies’ customer support is very good about offering help in finding MI free alternatives whether via email or phone. I was surprised in my initial search that organic companies were often more likely to us MI than larger more traditional companies. I also found more pro-active merchants like Whole Foods offer advice on which products they sell which are MI free.
    I have found readily available alternatives for all of the products I used. Of course I do not use make-up so that may be a different challenge for you. If you look around other posts on Colin’s Blog you will find ideas and strategies.
    Many allergies come on suddenly. One attribute of MI is that it needs to be in liquid or lotion form for the allergic reaction to be triggered. This also means a dry or powdered form of a product will usually be MI free. So a bar of soap is likely safe. With time you will develop a list of products you can use safely and with confidence. I live in a dry climate. This presented the challenge of finding a moisturizing lotion I could use. I actually found two.
    Don’t panic or get discouraged. This is a very manageable allergy.

  10. Joline Shroyer

    Hi Colin & thanks for your work on this.

    Correction: Palmolive Ultra Pure and Clear dish detergent is NOT MIT-free as one contributor said–it DOES CONTAIN MIT/MCIT! I am still trying to find a retail liquid dish detergent that doesn’t have it.

    As to my successes: FRUCTIS shampoo & conditioner is MIT/MCIT-FREE, and WET ONES wipes also DON’T contain those preservatives.

    – Joline

  11. Hi Joline –

    I was the person who report Palmolive Pure and Clear as MI free. It is an instance of what Colin has informed his readers about. Companies do reformulate. I am actually on my fourth dish washing detergent as the previous three have all reformulated to include MI.

    I am now using ‘honest dish soap.’ I am also using their liquid hand soap. It may only be available in the US. For now, the company is committed to not using MI.

    Colin’s list is a useful resource, but, as you have found, always check the package.


  12. I’m allergic to Methylisothiazinolone also. I also try to use unscented products so my list of “safe products for me” becomes even smaller. I believe in regular year-round skin protection and have found only a couple sunscreens. This is my favorite: BLUE LIZARD AUSTRALIAN SUNSCREEN SENSITIVE. If you are in the US, they have even started carrying it in our local Walmart. I will check my limited personal care items at home & post those later.

  13. Thank you so much for this site! I’ve been struggling with for months and only recently realized the ingredient that was causing me problems. My magor issue is with liquid hand soap. I use Dr. Bronners diluted as foaming soap, but but I need other options. What do you recommend?

  14. Interesting site discovery. Seems like each time I go searching for organic non toxic products, I find more information on the bad stuff. Toxins are everywhere and we who are concerned for our childrens sickLESS futures need to get back to nature as much as possible considering how much damage has been done and the ones that created it and continue don’t seem to care much cause it’s money they care about, not humans.. Keep helping each other and spread the healthy news more…..

    1. Thanks for your contribution to the debate Margie. I am not sure things are quite as bad as you think, but it is good to hear from you.

  15. Just a reminder that blanket recommendations for brands are not very helpful – I’ve had a couple of them recently and regretfully have to delete them. As a good example, the Ecover brand is mainly MI free, but does have it in a couple of its products. This is often cited as an MI free brand. Unfortunately you have to check every individual product’s ingredient list.

  16. Paula Lorenzini

    Hola mi nombre es Paula, he tratado de leer todas las etiquetas porque soy alérgica al MI, pero tienen tantos nombres que no es fácil, gracias a tu sitio al menos ya se de algunos productos libres de MI, vivo en Chile y aquí se utiliza en muchos productos, es muy complicado para mí ya que recién me descubrieron la alergia y además tengo alergia a 2-nitro-p-phenylenediamine(n-004), como comprenderás se me complica aun más el tema, ya no se que usar de jabón de cuerpo, crema de cuerpo o shampoo y acondicionador, para que hablar de la tintura de pelo que es otra complicación
    Gracias por tus consejos.

  17. Margriet Petersen

    Hi! Firstly, Colin, thanks a million for your hard work and dedication. Much appreciated! I have rosacea, ecxema and MI intolerant. I use La Roche Posay for the body, RegimA for my face and L’Oreal Botanicals for hair. Was wondering if anyone has any info regarding these brands. I have started searching the internet already but was wondering if any of you good people have any info. Thanks!


  18. Hi Colin, lipsticks make my lips itch or swell but I found Kiko Milano … and Personally for me I have had no issues with this product. I have been MI intolerant for over 8 years. I am no expert so beware !! All I can say is the product works for me .


    I just discovered I’m allergic to MCI/MC after a patch test. My only symptom has been redness around my lips. I have searched all items in the house for MCI/MC & found my shampoo & conditioner (Dove for dry scalp) had it in it. I stopped using onFeb11 & am using Vanicream for all hair products. I have switched also laundry detergent, toothpaste, mouthwash, dish soap to MCI free. Luckily most of my lotions & facial products are OK. My allergist gave me an APP to check which products I can use, I needed a code from them to set-up. I’m still using a cream, tacrolimus to apply around my lips, they are still red but has only been 5 days! Yes I’m impatient since it’s been since December that the redness around my lips has been present! Hopefully this nightmare is almost over & I’m checking ALL labels on everything. I now carry my own liquid hand soap & hand sanitizer with me.

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