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Can Eating A Tube of Toothpaste Kill A Child?


A gentleman describing himself on Twitter as a celebrity dentist called Dr Gerry Curatola put out this alarming tweet on the 9th of December 2013.  “There is enough #flouride in a standard tube of toothpaste that, if ingested, can be fatal to two small children.”  This being twitter I have no idea if this really was tweeted by Dr Curatola.  I am not even aware that there were any celebrity dentists, let alone exactly where Dr Curatola stands in the pantheon of tooth titans.  I’ll leave the management of his reputation to him, and concentrate on the facts.

Anyway I saw the old tweet getting retweets in my timeline, so I thought I’d investigate.

So can eating toothpaste kill a child?

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Love Your Products


Most of you won’t know this, but I am a long time development chemist who has become a consultant to pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries about a year ago.  I know most of you don’t know this because I obsessively monitor my traffic to see how I am doing.  While I am at it I generally take a look at all sorts of statistical information that Google serves up, including the fact that the bulk of my readers get here through searches and haven’t visited before. Continue reading

Women Like Beards


Lovers of taste and decorum will of course be aware that this year’s Eurovision Song Contest was won by Conchita Wurst.  Whilst her success was no doubt largely due to musicality and creative artistry, it may have caught some people’s attention that she sports a beard.  I wonder if this had anything to do with her success?  Recent research suggests it might. Continue reading

Does Getting Up Earlier Make You Slimmer?


Back in 2011 there was some media coverage of a story that said a new survey had shown that getting up early was linked with being happier and slimmer.  The Daily Mail ran the headline “Want to be happier and slimmer? Get up earlier.”  That doesn’t leave much room for interpretation.  I was interested at the time, but there was no link to any actual research so I forgot about it.  But by a fluke I happened to come across what I think must have been the origin of the story.   Continue reading

Egyptian Skincare


Sometime ago I had a question about whether French skincare was any good from a half Egyptian woman living in Canada called Yasmine.  She described herself as a  “freelance makeup artist, beauty junkie and organic modernist bohemian.”   She sounded like an interesting person so when I replied saying that yes French skincare is generally very good I asked her a question about what Egyptian skincare was like.  Her reply was so full I resolved to ask her for a bit more detail and ask if I could run it as a blog post.  Unfortunately I got sidetracked and have only just got round to doing it.  When I tried to e-mail her it bounced back.  But I think what she sent was enough as it stood, so here it is.

If you are out there Yasmine thanks for your reply and I hope you don’t mind me using it without permission.   Please get back in touch if you want to add anything. Continue reading

Is Hydrolyze the Answer to Dark Circles Under the Eyes? (Hint – No)


The pert and perky Dave Bradley of ScienceBase has a way with words so I can’t do better than cut and paste an e-mail he has just sent me.


How’s it going?

Dunno if you’ve come across this before, but I just noticed a sudden surge of spam emails advertising – Hydrolyze – apparently it gets rid of dark circles and bags under your eyes and reinvigorates, usual BS I assume. Something to dig around in and warn your readers if it’s a risky scam?

Obviously, to me as a chemist it looks like they just hijacked one of our words to make it sound scientific. Continue reading

Biotin for the Nails

biotin for nails supplements

There are some people who really like the idea that taking vitamins and minerals can keep them healthy. There are others who take great pleasure in being sceptical about them. The reality is frustrating for those who like to check out the facts, because although supplements are a multi-billion industry there is surprisingly little data on how well they work. A typical case is the suggestion that biotin can make your nails less brittle. Continue reading

Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

should you shampoo your hair

There has been a lot of debate online following a video being run by the Huffington Post about a woman who hasn’t used shampoo for five years.  This was picked up by the Beauty Brains and it has generated and continues to generate a lot of debate.  As it has already been pretty thoroughly gone over at first I decided not to weigh in.  But on a whim I started my camera rolling and just recorded what came out. The question on my mind, should you shampoo your hair? Continue reading

Coconut Oil Shampoo Pretreatment

My friends over at the Beauty Brains blog have been talking for a while about using coconut oil as a pre-conditioner.  Basically the idea is that the oil soaks into the hair shaft and makes the hair less brittle.  It is an interesting idea, and one that has some evidence behind it.  So I thought I’d give it a try. Continue reading