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Why I decided to try the 2:5 diet

Why I decided to try the 2:5 diet

In July 2014 I decided it was about time to do something about being overweight. I weighed in the region of 91Kg, but for my height the NHS recommended range only goes up to 84Kg. I had 7 more kilograms than I wanted.   But how should I go about it?

There are lots of ways to lose weight, but most of them have at least one of these properties

– expensive
– inconvenient
– requiring effort
– potential health problems if they cause rapid weight loss
– poor track record of long term success

So I resolved that I was going to solve it myself in my own way, and that that way was going to be slow and gradual and work to keep my weight under control for the rest of my life. The first idea I hit on was to simply monitor my weight daily. The logic was that if I kept my weight in mind, my subconscious would take over and gradually improve my eating and exercising habits. It would overcome all of the problems above and I would hardly notice.

Well I gave it a year, but the end result was I weighed much the same 12 months later than I had the year before. I did have some valuable data on how variable my weight is – it seems to vary by about 400g either side of 90.2Kg – but not much else to show for it. I suppose the experiment was a failure, though I can’t rule out the possibility that without it I would have put even more weight on. But the notion that I could reach my target of 84Kg was clearly not going to happen.

So I decided I was going to try actually following a diet.

I investigated the various possibilities and they all seemed to have some kind of drawback. But I was intrigued by the 2/5 approach. This one is where for two days out of seven you fast – defined by a calorie intake of 600 – and eat normally on the other 5. This appealed to me because it is totally non-intervention for the majority of the time, and when I have tried fasting in the past I have found it difficult, but a lot less difficult than calorie counting or cutting down on helping size. I added my own twist that the 600 calories would be largely in the form of fruit and raw vegetables, with maybe some protein to make it more interesting but no carbohydrate. I find that these are very effective ways to reduce the temptation to snack when I am eating normally so I thought it would be easier to stick to them if I couldn’t eat anything else.

So that was what I did last July, which was when I wrote this post.  I’ll be posting my experience of following the diet in another blog post.
photo credit: peso Free – Diet Assistant – Android apps – Free via photopin (license)

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