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Egyptian Skincare

Sometime ago I had a question about whether French skincare was any good from a half Egyptian woman living in Canada called Yasmine.  She described herself as a  “freelance makeup artist, beauty junkie and organic modernist bohemian.”   She sounded like … Continue reading

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Is Hydrolyze the Answer to Dark Circles Under the Eyes? (Hint – No)

The pert and perky Dave Bradley of ScienceBase has a way with words so I can’t do better than cut and paste an e-mail he has just sent me. Hi How’s it going? Dunno if you’ve come across this before, … Continue reading

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Rosehip Oil – It Matters How You Handle It

Nothing worth doing is easy, and working with natural products is no exception.  The way you handle them makes a difference.  I have just come across a good example, rosehip oil.  When I was growing up rosehip syrup was routinely … Continue reading

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Reactions to Plant Extracts in Cosmetics

Should you use natural products if you have sensitive skin? There is an argument that you shouldn’t.  The problem is that an allergic reaction is caused by your immune system reacting to something that it encounters and identifies as a … Continue reading

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Comedogenic Scale – Why You Should Ignore It

A comedo is the scientific name for a blackhead. An ingredient that causes comedones is comedogenic. The comedogenic scale is a five point scale that tells you how comedogenic that ingredient is. It is also complete nonsense. Let’s have a … Continue reading

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What to do if you have a reaction to a cosmetic product

I was disappointed with the way Watchdog handled its coverage of methylisothiazolinone. Quite apart from the blatant sensationalisation and lack of explanation, it also failed to address a pretty key question.  What do you do if you develop a reaction … Continue reading

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Is hard or soft water better for skin?

Here is a question that comes up every now and again.  Is soft water better for skin?  Suzanne has noticed that her skin condition is better when she uses soft water.  I’ll let her speak for herself. Hi Colin, First … Continue reading

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Vellus Hair

We don’t pay a lot of attention to vellus hair.  This is the fine downy hair that covers a lot of our body, with the exception of the palms of our hands and for some reason, the backs of our … Continue reading

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Colin Solves Your Problems 25 – Dry Cracked Skin

A plaintive e-mail from Talia. Do you have any advice on what can be done for healing peeling skin on the face more quickly? I live in a very dry climate and lately my mouth and cheeks have been cracking … Continue reading

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Antioxidants – I still think they are good for the skin

The Guardian ran an article recently pointing out that there was no evidence that antioxidant supplements reduce the risk of cancer.  This was based on a Cochrane review that looked at a whole range of studies and analysed the numbers … Continue reading

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