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Is Lanolin Beneficial For Eczema?

lanolin beneficial for eczema

A question from George

Hello Colin,

I was hoping to hear your opinion on a moisturiser by D.R. Harris & Co, the world’s oldest pharmacy. The majority of ingredients in this cream seems very standard, but it is also formulated with isopropyl myristate and lanolin – two ingredients which I know you are particularly fond of. This company also produce lots of shaving paraphernalia which you may also be interested in. I have facial eczema and don’t like to rely too heavily on steroid creams, which my dermatologist is all too keen to dish out. I’m also curious if lanolin can be beneficial in countering eczema as opinion on the internet seems to be on the no side. Regards, George

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Lip Balms – a quick tip

lip-balmWith a lot of the Northern Hemisphere gripped in bitingly cold winter weather, I thought I would pass on a tip about lip balms.  The best ingredient in lip balms for chapped lips is lanolin.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the success of the Burts Bees range of lip balms is due to them containing lanolin.  Continue reading