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Are Personal Care Products Making Men Bald?

Are Personal Care Products Making Men Bald?

Has this man overdone the shampoo?

This was a question posed to me by a journalist on the Daily Telegraph.  The answer is of course no, but I’ll get onto that later.  First this is quite an interesting example of how stories like this originate.  Here is the full text of the e-mail I was sent. Continue reading

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor

So, what was wrong with the old safety razor?

We all join the party at different times, and I happened to start shaving just when dual blade razors came out.  The adverts showed a convincing graphic whereby the first blade removed the bulk of the hair, and then the second came along and nipped the last protruding bit before it had a chance to retract into safety.  We had already conquered the Moon and and broken the sound barrier.  And now this!  Oh brave new world to have search personal care technology in it. Continue reading

Salix Alba Maximus for Men


There are quite a few ways to give your skincare product some personality.   You can have a unique active.  You can have a particular geographical location.  You can be endorsed by  a celebrity.  Salix Alba ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to this.  It boasts a natural source of salicin.  It comes from the UK’s Lake District.  And it is endorsed by somebody from a well known Australian soap opera.  Don’t ask me who – I hardly watch any television.  But this is a beauty science blog and so I am going to ignore all of the above and just look at the product itself. Continue reading

King of Shaves Azor 5 Review

I moved house a few weeks ago.  Moving is a good opportunity to change habits and I have thought for a while I ought to improve my personal grooming skills.  So I dumped all my products and personal care technology and I am now looking at replacing them all with new and better ones.  So lets start at the beginning.  Despite sporting a beard, I still need a razor.  So I spent some time in my local supermarket looking at the offerings. Continue reading

Men who moisturise update

I was idly looking through product websites and came across the Elemis one. For people who don’t know the brand, this is a mid-market spa range promoted principally in spas. (Their marketing people will be shaking their fists and saying they are up-market I expect.) Quite nice products on the whole. Anyway they have a mens range, which they may have done for a while but I have only just noticed.

Continue reading

A Handsome Face

We all know a handsome face when we see one. But what features go to make a male face attractive? I am indebted here to a rather amazing website BeautyCheck from the University of Regensburg in Germany.

They have been using a computer morphing programme to look at what people find attractive. Here are a couple of morphs. These were produced by continually blending original photographs that were judged either attractive or unattractive.

I have tried these out by asking a range of women their opinions of them. The consensus agreed with Regensbug about which one was more attractive. But interestingly there were some objections. They said that he looked arrogant. They also said that he lacked personality. I put this one down to female intuition. He obviously does lack personality in a very literal sense as he is simply a computer image. Ugly guy was described as looking friendly.

I found this very interesting. Presumably good looking guys can get away with being arrogant. But if you aren’t a natural babe magnet you probably have to work harder at your charm if you want to get some attention?Guide To Cosmetic Ingredients For The Perplexed Cover
With teutonic efficiency the Germans have listed the actual attributes that they have identified. So what kind of male face do women find attractive? There is a preference for darker skin, a narrower facial shape, not a plump one. The lips should be full and symmetrical. The upper half of the face should be broader, the cheek bones higher and the lower jaw more prominent. These are all indicators of higher levels of testosterone.

Dark skin

Narrow facial shape

Little fat

Full and symmetrical lips

Dark eye brows and lashes

Upper half of the face broader

High cheek bones

Prominent lower jaw and chin

So now I will be looking at these to see if I can come up with some recommendations for how you can make your face more attractive to women based on these findings.