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How Soap And Shower Gel Dry Your Skin

I think I can claim to be something of an expert about skincare, but the trouble with getting really immersed in a subject is that you begin to forget that not everybody knows what you know.  I spend a lot … Continue reading

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Vitamin E in Skincare

Our bodies are engaged in a continual battle against oxygen.  Oxygen breaks down anything complex.  It makes fats go rancid.  It cleaves and disorders proteins. It wrecks DNA.  So basically our bodies are targets of oxygen molecules.  We need to … Continue reading

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Blame it on the Bougie – 5 things about candles

If you like scented candles and you like trivial facts, you will love this post.  It is five trivial facts about candles.

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Egyptian Skincare

Sometime ago I had a question about whether French skincare was any good from a half Egyptian woman living in Canada called Yasmine.  She described herself as a  “freelance makeup artist, beauty junkie and organic modernist bohemian.”   She sounded like … Continue reading

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Differences Between Hand and Face Creams

I was asked a question by a journalist who was writing an article on the differences between hand and face creams.  It is an interesting question so I thought that now I have plugged my typewriter in I may as … Continue reading

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Why The Dose Really Matters

Coffee is the bloggers greatest friend, though being English I personally take tea. Both have the same effect, they are both good caffeine sources which is great for the late nights you have to spend looking for spelling errors and … Continue reading

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Why natural oils are better for your skin

Despite what a lot of marketing suggests, there is no particular reason to suppose that natural ingredients are safer or superior to synthetic ones.  It depends on what you are doing with them.  It’s horses for courses.  You pick the … Continue reading

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Coconut Oil Shampoo Pretreatment

My friends over at the Beauty Brains blog have been talking for a while about using coconut oil as a pre-conditioner.  Basically the idea is that the oil soaks into the hair shaft and makes the hair less brittle.  It … Continue reading

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Patents in Cosmetics

The force of nature that is British Beauty Blogger was onto me the other day asking for comments on a couple of patents she had come across. Patents are a great source of information for cosmetic scientists, and potentially for … Continue reading

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Comedogenic Scale – Why You Should Ignore It

A comedo is the scientific name for a blackhead. An ingredient that causes comedones is comedogenic. The comedogenic scale is a five point scale that tells you how comedogenic that ingredient is. It is also complete nonsense. Let’s have a … Continue reading

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