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A Cosmetic Scientist Asks Should I Start A Beauty Blog? Six Reasons You Should

Someone just starting out as a cosmetic scientist has asked me if they should start a beauty blog.  They have been told that they should be careful.  What should they do?  Buy my Kindle mini-book on cosmetic ingredients

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The Beauty Brains Podcast

I was a bit slow off the mark with this one.  When the Beauty Brains started their podcast I tried to find it on iTunes but couldn’t locate it.  So I gave up.  I should have persevered because I needed … Continue reading

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How to Wind Up Beauty Bloggers

One of the bloggers I follow is Big Fashionista, who was very angry this morning.  A clothing company had asked on Twitter for bloggers to work with them.  She enquired and found that they were offering bloggers the chance to … Continue reading

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How To Write A Grooming Blog

This is the first draft of an article I have written for Personal Care Magazine.  It may well change before it appears there. As soon as the bandwidth on the internet became wide enough to cope with images comfortably, women … Continue reading

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Three Things Beauty Bloggers Should Know About Science

I know that a lot of people who read Colin’s Beauty Pages are beauty bloggers. So I thought you might like some tips on how to cut through the hype behind beauty products to get through to the reality.  Here … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Lose Out As Brands Go Direct To Celebrities

Cosmetic Design Europe have done me a favour by doing a report on something I had sort of half noticed.  When a brand gets a celebrity endorsement, part of the deal can be access to the celebrity’s social media presence. … Continue reading

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BB Creams

BB creams have taken the beauty world by storm over the last two years.  Are the consumers demanding what they want from the industry? Or is this marketing people cunningly foisting a trend on an easily led public?  There is … Continue reading

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Michelle Phan – the most influential person in the cosmetic business

Who is the most influential person in the beauty world? Well I am working on it, but it isn’t me yet. It is hard to work this kind of thing out. I started considering job roles like the head of … Continue reading

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How Products Get Messed Up

When you are developing new products it is very easy to mess them up. I think more disasters are caused by spoiling good ideas than by trying to get a bad idea to work. Here are a few ways to … Continue reading

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Beauty Blogger Buzz 11th to the 17th of January

Beauty Blogger Buzz is the name I have given to this little project I have been working on.  I’ve selected 50 beauty blogs and 50 Youtube channels specialising in beauty products, or beauty tubies as I call them.  I have … Continue reading

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