Mainstream Media Lose Out As Brands Go Direct To Celebrities

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Cosmetic Design Europe have done me a favour by doing a report on something I had sort of half noticed.  When a brand gets a celebrity endorsement, part of the deal can be access to the celebrity’s social media presence.  This has a sort of inevitability to it given that it is harder and harder to get people to pay for creative output.  (I type this while listening to Spotify – I am still paying for the music but a fraction of what I used to shell out on records and CDs.)  Artists need to be creative not only when coming up with their stuff, but in turning that hard work into hard cash.

This is important.  Celebrity fragrances can often be the biggest selling items on the perfume counter, as they are in the UK at the moment.  (I wonder if the figures are being upped by the One Direction offering which seems to be doing very well is keenly priced?)

The losers in this are of course the mainstream media.  If the audience can be delivered directly via the Facebook pages and the Twitter streams of big stars, why would they bother with magazines or even newspapers?

So bad news for big media moguls and the people who work for them.

I did think for a while that the glossy mags could keep going by being a bit better at doing reviews of products and offering free samples.  But frankly, I find beauty bloggers do a better job of keeping me up to date with what is going on.  Giveaways work online.  If you take away celebrity interviews as well, what exactly is the print press for any more?

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