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Cosmetics Info Cosmetic Ingredients Database

There is an old prayer that goes, dear God please make all the bad people good and all the good people interesting.

This came to mind a few minutes ago when I came across the Cosmetics Info website, a new cosmetic ingredients database.  After a quick look I found it to be accurate, clear and properly referenced.  In other words, a bit dull.  I don’t know how long it has been going.  I imagine not long because it is the sort of thing I am likely to find pretty quickly.   It seems to be funded by the industry which may be a problem for some people.  If you are suspicious about the cosmetics industry, you are likely to mistrust a cosmetic ingredients database that it publishes. But the link is at least a transparent one.

I have a feeling I will be referring to it quite a bit from now on and I recommend it to you if you are interested.  I hope the link below will enhance its standing with Google a little bit and help more people find it.   I doubt I’ll be doing any more blog posts on it because it is frankly boring.  As the subject of the safety of cosmetics should be, and is.  The beauty industry is an interesting one and is full of colourful characters and it is has its shady side.  Some of the claims made for cosmetics are outrageous and some of the ways that they are sold are highly suspicious.  But they aren’t actually harmful to your health as far as we know.  There is absolutely no benefit to harming your customers after all.

I have a feeling that the very existence of this database is bad news for the Environmental Working Group and their cosmetic ingredients database, Skin Deep.  For a long time they have been the only online database available so they have had an easy ride.  With other scaremongers getting in on the act, and with an accurate alternative now available they might find it hard to maintain their position.  Especially as their database is rubbish.

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