MI Free Conditioners

This list is kept up to date by readers contributing suggestions and pointing out errors and/or changes.  If you know of a product that is MI free, just post it in the comments below.

Deva curl no poo (US)

Nature’s Gate Conditioner (US)

Timotei Pure Conditioner (UK)

Whole Foods 365 brand conditioner (US)

Vanicream  “free and clear” conditioner (US)

Moroccan Oil Conditioner (UK)

Redken Diamond Oil Conditioner (New Zealand)

Tresemmé (UK)  – this may now contain MI

Australian Organics Nourishing Restorative Conditioner (UK)

Charles Worthington Brilliant Brunette Travel Mini (UK)

OZ Botanics
Shea Naturals Conditioners (all varieties) US

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16 thoughts on “MI Free Conditioners

  1. Charlotte Newton

    Hi, just thought I’d let you know that in the. UK, the new Moisture Rich Tresemme conditioner does contain MI.

  2. Rebecca

    Redken Diamond Oil Conditioner (NZ)
    Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner (NZ) – conditioner only! The shampoo of the same range has MI!

  3. Amy Hunt

    L’Oréal Elvive shampoo and conditioner don’t use it either. I’ve been allergic for years. I always check the ingredients of everything I buy though

  4. Susan Lea

    I have just been diagnosed with allergy to MI. I have very curly hair, are there any MI free products for curly hair?

  5. Shari

    Just found out that I have MI. Today I am going out to buy the items I need. I did notice there were NO bar soaps or did I miss them? Also, it would be nice to have where everyone has bought their items and maybe the price. I can’t afford a huge price since I am on a limited income. Thanks so much !!!

  6. LillyT

    I’ve been suffering from an MI allergy and have tried a ton of products and found the following brands/ products to be the best (especially Beautycounter):

    Attitude Moisture Rich Conditioner
    Beautycounter Daily Conditioner
    Beautycounter Nourish & Repair
    SheaMoisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal

  7. LillyT

    The best brand is Beautycounter but it’s the most expensive. Less expensive beauty brands are Attitude, Shea Moisture, Dr. Bronner’s. Best cleaning products are Eco Me and Attitude. Unfortunately, having an MI allergy is not cheap. Good luck!

  8. Bobby Sherwood

    TRE-Semme Expert Botanique line of shampoos,conditioners, deep conditioning cream in the U.S. have the MI. I had started using their products about a year ago after finding that the brand I was using discontinued theirs. So already had developed psoriasis/eczema almost 15 years ago and would get it from time to time in small patches in various places starting with my face. But since I started using these TRE-Semme products I mentioned, it all got very bad, and is very bad as I write this. I Came back from the dermatologist to get my results from the skin patch test. The MI was a MAJOR player in all of this. And it is listed at the bottom of the ingredients list on these products. Also is in Head N Shoulders, St. Ives body washes and facial cleansers, Dawn antibacterial hand soap/dish detergent. So I’ll be changing things today for the better.

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