Making your own cleaning products?

Make your own cleaning products
Is it safe and sensible to make your own cleaning products?

The trade press is reporting a study from America which has found that 28% of Americans have made their own cleaning product at home.  As reported by the Soap and Detergent Association, this could have safety implications.  Nancy Bock of the SDA hints darkly that it might be difficult to explain to the Poison Control Centre ( I guess that should be Center in the US) what exactly you have mixed up.  The obvious implication is that chemicals are dangerous, difficult to handle and if you do your own thing you are not only going to end up poisoned but probably embarrassed about it as well.

What do I think?

Well chemicals certainly can be dangerous – you have to know what you are doing.  But the same is true of motor cars, which are routinely fiddled about with by mechanically minded men and women.  And quite often by non-mechanically minded men and women as well.  Your kitchen is full of dangerous chemicals.  You might not think of it as a laboratory but a lot of the same processes go on there too.  Making up a cleaning product to clean your sink or get a stain out of your carpet does take a bit of thought.  Getting it wrong could have some unpleasant consequences.  But you can say the same about voting or getting married.

I was greatly heartened by the thought that so many Americans have enough self reliance to turn their hand to making their own cleaning products.  I know enough Americans to be reasonably confident that nearly all them seem to be free of visible injuries caused by chemicals.

Obviously use a bit of common sense, but I say carry on. It is far more satisfying to solve your own problems than to pay for a solution from a big corporation.

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