Home Made Hand Sanitisers

On the whole suggestions for home made products to cope with medical emergencies that you find on the internet are a really bad idea. But as it happens, this one that has been circulating on social media isn’t too far off the mark. Vodka is basically alcohol – so as long as it is a brand with a fairly high content you are getting alcohol that will have the capability of sterilising your skin. You’d want a good brand. Cheaper ones with lower alcohol content won’t work as well. I like the idea of the aloe vera. It will offset the drying effect of the alcohol to some extent. I don’t think I’d put so much in though. It is diluting the alcohol from the vodka and reducing its effectiveness. The tea tree is a pretty good option too. It has well established antibacterial properties and will stay around to give some protection against further infection after the alcohol has evapourated.

5 thoughts on “Home Made Hand Sanitisers”

  1. Hi
    I read you can use witch hazel in place of the alcohol, also vitamin e oil to stop the drying effects on skin ?

    Not sure if that would be as effective as the alcohol.

  2. Witch Hazel won’t have anything like the potency of alcohol to quickly clean the skin. I think it is useful as a way of making the skin a bit less vulnerable, so it helps a bit. But it is light fence, not a protective wall.

  3. I’ve been using Eau de Cologne as hand sanitizer, on the advice of a friend who is a perfumer. It’s also available very cheaply, along with little 20ml plastic spray bottles to keep in your pocket. I’ve bought a 750ml bottle of generic Spanish eau de cologne for £5 via Amazon. (Other vendors are available, obviously)

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