Colin’s Problem Page


Do you have a problem that might have a scientific solution?  Colin’s Problem Page is here to help.

It doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with cosmetic science.  Personal care problems are my speciality but I’ll have a go at any problem I think I have something to contribute to.

Let me know and I’ll do my best to come up with a solution to your problem.   You can get in touch via the form below.  I’ll be posting top solutions on the blog.  There is a list of my best problem page answers further down.



Smoothing out fine lines

Dry skin below the eyebrows 

Stretch Marks

Can you get vitamins from a bath?


Out of date products

How to become a cosmetic scientist

Skincare Struggles

Dark Marks/Sunspots


Moisturiser for Eczema

Hyaluronic Acid

Paula’s Choice

Removing Make Up From Dry Skin

Synthetic or Natural Preservatives?


Hard Water and Calgon

Matte Moisturisers

How Long Does Nail Polish Last?

Can You See Your Skin Peeling from Peeling Gels?

Does Everyone Need a Skin Care Regime?

Does Chlorine in Swimming Pool Water Affect the Skin?

What Are The Risks of Hydroquinone?


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