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Colin Solves Your Problems 19: Matte Moisturisers

James asks about Matte moisturisers

Can you please explain how how matte moisturisers work and which ingredients are used for this purpose? Also, are there any negative side-effects of the matte moisturisers such as blocking pores or break outs?

Your blog is a great read so please keep the updates coming.


Thanks James, and keep the questions coming!

I must admit that I don’t know much about Matte moisturisers as such.  Looking at the various products on sale that have that as part of the name, they seem to be defined by being intended for use on oily skin and containing some kind of powder to absorb oil.   They also seem to get rather underwhelming reviews generally too.

If I were going to recommend a product for oily skin I’d probably start by looking at oil based cleansers.  But never having worked on Matte moisturisers nor suffering from oily skin I’d be interested to hear what other people think of them.

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