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Goodbye 2012

new year

2012 was an eventful year in Britain, with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics generating a lot of excitement.  But quite a lot has happened here at mist-wrapped Castle Beauty Pages.  I gave a talk on social media at the Society of Cosmetics Formulate event in November.  Looking back I probably should have literally given it on social media, since I can’t have made a worse job of it if I had simply tweeted it in from my bedroom. But everyone was kind enough not to complain about it.    Continue reading

Beauty Tips for Busy Bobbies

There have been some amazing and unexpected revelations coming out of the News of the World phone hacking scandal.  But the one that really caught my attention was that the surprisingly close relationship between the journalists and the police extended so far as to include putting senior officers up at top spa facilities.

I hadn’t realised that the force is so full of men who moisturise.  I don’t know about the Metropolitan Police, perhaps its time to rename them the Metrosexual Police.  Anyway, I have obviously been ignoring some potentially enthusiastic Colin’s Beauty Pages readers so to make amends here are my top tips for the appearance conscious copper. Continue reading

Are You an Unapologetic Product Tart?

cosmetic product tart

My followers on Twitter are a smart self confident, sassy, sometimes sarky bunch of well informed with-it hipsters who know what they want and aren’t short of an opinion or two.  Its a bit of shame really.  I was hoping for a bunch of adoring fans who doted on my every word.  I suppose my idea of ‘followers’ is a bit old fashioned.  But it does mean that I get some good ideas from them.

One such came from a follower who described herself on her bio as an unapologetic product tart.  What a great thing to be I thought.  Are you one? I think you should be.  Here’s why. Continue reading

Do you fancy popping a perfume patch in your bra?

All great ideas are about solving a problem.  And great as perfumes are, they have a bit of a problem.  When you apply them to your skin they gradually wear off.  But don’t worry, intrepid inventor Christine Martz has an answer.   In a 1998 patent she divulged her solution.  She has designed nifty heart shaped sponges on an adhesive backing.  You spray your favourite scent on the front, then stick them inside your bra.  The heat from your skin gradually releases the fragrance and also the oils pressing against the patch modify the smell to make it less pungent.  Sorted!

I wonder why it never caught on?

Patent for Perfume Patch

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Cosmetic Vigilance

cosmetic vigilance


You sometimes see people suggesting that cosmetics are in some way unregulated and we can get away with putting whatever we want in our products.  I sometimes wish it were true – I don’t think many people like having to keep up with continually changing regulations and I know I don’t.  But the fact is that anyone who makes a living developing cosmetics needs to have a good handle on the relevant legislation.  But the good news is that even this generally dull bit of the job can be made fun.  With some new legislation on the horizon the Society of Cosmetic Scientists held a meeting about cosmetics vigilance in Bristol earlier this week.  So as well as getting up to date on the new proposals I had a chance to catch up with some friends and eat some rather splendid scones. Continue reading

Book Review: Silent Spring Part 2

(See for the first part of this review)

Listen to one of the many stories detailed in Silent Spring.  It started in 1949 at a fishing reserve called  Clear Lake in America.  This was a project undertaken with great care.  The object was to get rid of the gnats that were troubling fishermen.  A close relative of DDT, DDD, was used.  This was thought to be less harmful to the fish.

Continue reading

Antibacterial Products

Contaminated Water Pump

Even in our hygienic world we are fighting a constant battle against germs.  More and more people are living longer and longer, and the quality as well as the quantity of our lives is better than ever.  It would be natural enough to think that this is mainly the result of modern medicine – and it is true enough that medicine can and does work wonders.  But the biggest contributor to our well being is plumbing. Continue reading