Do you fancy popping a perfume patch in your bra?

All great ideas are about solving a problem.  And great as perfumes are, they have a bit of a problem.  When you apply them to your skin they gradually wear off.  But don’t worry, intrepid inventor Christine Martz has an answer.   In a 1998 patent she divulged her solution.  She has designed nifty heart shaped sponges on an adhesive backing.  You spray your favourite scent on the front, then stick them inside your bra.  The heat from your skin gradually releases the fragrance and also the oils pressing against the patch modify the smell to make it less pungent.  Sorted!

I wonder why it never caught on?

Patent for Perfume Patch

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3 thoughts on “Do you fancy popping a perfume patch in your bra?”

  1. It seems like there’s probably some business related reason this didn’t take off (lack of proper marketing, lack of production materials and machines, etc etc), but there’s probably other factors at play.

    There’s a strong psychological appeal to the feeling of femininity women get when we spritz fragrance onto our neck or dab it onto our wrists and I think it would be hard to take away the innate feeling of elegance we get when doing so.

    In addition many women don’t even know that their skin’s chemistry is what makes the scent fade. In my experience they usually blame it on the quality of product, or think they’re the only “freak of nature” that experiences the problem. They often either buy a different scent or buy the entire collection of scented body products to help their favorite fragrance last. There’s something to be said for the sales revenues that result from these perceptions….

    Personally, I would love if a product like that was available widely, those of us with sensitive skin would love wearing fragrance without worrying about a reaction or potentially ruining nice clothes by spritzing the fabrics. I think I just might try Sal’s solution, sounds like a great idea.

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