You couldn’t make it up…..


Okay, we live in an age of celebrity endorsements, and the cosmetics industry is one of the big players.  Any celebrity who makes it big can squeeze a bit more revenue out of their fame by launching their own range.

I am a bit sniffy about celebrity based brands. I guess I am too close to it all, but having a big star in the office for a couple of hours to pick out their favourite from a set of samples doesn’t really seem to me to be a process that adds any value to anyone except the star’s bank account. But the latest one really takes the biscuit.

MAC have brought out a range of make up inspired by Dame Edna Everage. Yes that’s right – a range of Dame Edna cosmetics.  Eye shadow that is being promoted for its association with a cross dressing comedian. Don’t get me wrong, I love Barrry Humpries act. He has often had me in stitches and it is obvious that he is a very clever and talented man. I dare say his make up team are very talented and skilful but for heaven’s sake. Who wants to spend their hard earned cash to look like DAME EDNA EVERAGE?

Words fail me.

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Any Possums who find looking like a drag queen appealing can find more information here.

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