What bath oils can do for you

All the interest in the Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter lately has reminded me just how big a benefit you can get for dry skin simply by coating it with a thin layer of oil to hold the moisture in. One way to do this is to spread it on straight out the tub, but there is another way, often overlooked.

The idea behind a bath oil is to simply add the oil to your bath. Sit back, relax and enjoy some me time. Take a glass of wine, a candle and some soothing music if you like. You need to have the kind of bath oil that disperses, not the ones that float on the surface. As you get out of the bath and dry yourself the oil is left coating the surface of the skin sealing in the moisture.

There are some therapeutic bath oils intended to treat people with eczema and other clinically dry conditions. I have done research into them and I can confirm that the best oil for a bath oil is mineral oil. Nothing else works as well. The beauty of mineral oil is that it doesn’t sink into the skin so it stays for longer on the skin keeping it moisturised.

That doesn’t mean to say you can’t include essential oils into the bath oil to add to the bathing experience.

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