Veltie Premoistened Toilet Paper

Well this is a luxury I never even considered.  Veltie is the name for pre-moistened toilet paper packaged as wet wipes.  There are some claims on the pack, though not as many as you might expect.  The key one is that they are flushable, which is good to know and indeed I think that if they weren’t there might be some practical difficulties in using them.  They also have the FSC symbol, which shows a laudable commitment to the environment.  If you aren’t aware of it this is a UK based standard that aims to encourage responsible forestry.

Their commitment to the environment is good but it is offset by the very nature of the product being one that requires a lot more packaging than its dry alternative.   Veltie is packed like a wet wipe and has a big lump of plastic on the front of its plastic container.  So I guess it’s swings and roundabouts when it comes to being planet friendly.

Some other claims are a bit more standard.  It is fragrance free, biodegradable, alcohol free, dermatologically tested and the rather meaningless pH neutral for the skin.  There is nothing there that sounds tremendously contentious.  The ingredient list reveals that the moisture is delivered in the form of a mild surfactant solution preserved with potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.  These are reasonable choices, but even so a small number of people will probably find them irritating.

I was dubious about the effectiveness of the wipes.  They don’t feel very strong as you pull them out and they don’t inspire confidence that they will be up to the job. But they function okay.  The other doubt I had is simply the size of the pack.  There are only 42 wipes in a pack the size of bath sponge.

They might be of interest to people who have a particular problem with that part of the body, though I didn’t really get the feeling that they were any softer than more traditional approaches.

So basically I don’t see this as the next big thing in the mass market, but it might find some niche applications.


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