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by A.S.Barwich

Smellosophy - What the Nose Tells the Mind

Boy is this a hard book. In the Middle Ages scholars everywhere in Europe wrote in Latin. This meant they could be understood everywhere, but not by everybody. There is a lingering effect of this in that academic language relies heavily on words of Latin origin. This makes it difficult to read if you are not used to it. It does have a good reason for this of course – everyday language varies across the English speaking world and words have associations that can cloud their use and their meanings are continually changing. So you can see why that is how scientific papers are written. But it is still heavy going to plough through a whole bookful of it.

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Does The Way You Sleep Cause Wrinkles?

Does The Way You Sleep Cause Wrinkles?  It doesn’t sound like an unreasonable proposition in principle. Your skin is in contact with cotton, which is quite a hard and abrasive material, for many hours each night. You might well expected to have a detrimental effect on the Quality of your skin.  Dr. Jaime Davis is in no doubt about it. He attributes the fact that many women have more wrinkles on one side of their face and that the other to the fact that they sleep on that side of their face. This doesn’t happen with men apparently. We are supposedly more likely to sleep on our stomachs. So we get our wrinkles on our foreheads. Continue reading

Studying Skin Penetration


The skin is the main organ of interest to the cosmetic scientist. You might well suppose that the skin, being something that we all possess and interact with on a daily basis, was something that we would know a lot about. In fact there are still a lot of quite important questions to which we don’t know the answer. The biggest challenge is the topmost layer, the one we can actually see. Continue reading