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Latest News on MI

I get a lot of traffic to this blog from people interested in methylisothiazolinone, or as it is now known MI.   For people who haven’t been following the story, here’s a quick recap.  MI has been used for about … Continue reading

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Comedogenic Scale – Why You Should Ignore It

A comedo is the scientific name for a blackhead. An ingredient that causes comedones is comedogenic. The comedogenic scale is a five point scale that tells you how comedogenic that ingredient is. It is also complete nonsense. Let’s have a … Continue reading

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Sensitive Skin

An interesting question from Patricia that I think might interest some other people. I have sensitive skin and always look for cosmetic products which are free of harsh chemicals. I was not aware of the m1 preservative until today when … Continue reading

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Milk of Magnesia for the Skin

This is an odd one.  Alexi writes Hi, Colin I have question about milk of magnesia. A lot of ladies are saying that it’s effective at controlling oil on their skin, but is it safe? I’ve heard that milk of … Continue reading

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Coconut Oil causes spots?

One of the drawbacks I have found with setting myself up as an internet guru is that the more questions I get the more I realise how little I know.  Take this one from Rebecca. Hello. First off, I am … Continue reading

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Can You See Your Skin Peeling from Peeling Gels?

It is nice to get a question from one of my oldest friends on Twitter, Musical Houses. Hi Colin, I was hoping you’d be able to answer a burning question I have regarding peeling gels. They are HUGE in Asia … Continue reading

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Synthetic or Natural Preservatives?

Deb asks whether natural preservatives are safer than synthetic ones. Hi Colin,  stumbled across your site somehow and so now have a question – I personally prefer to use “natural” preservatives (well actually prefer to make natural products with essential … Continue reading

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Colin Solves Your Problems 6: Milia

A reader has a problem with milia – persistant small white spots on the skin. Continue reading

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