Your fragrances are safer, but don’t smell as good as they used to

2017 was a remarkable year for the aviation industry.  There was not a single passenger death from flying.  The industry was quick to point out that there was an element of luck involved.  But even so, given that their business is ferrying people around the world in metal tubes at a great height, to not …

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Based on a totally unscientific sample of people whose opinion of Jasmine I happen to know, it is a very polarising smell and is one that appeals to men more than women.  That many people don’t particularly like the smell is a bit unfortunate given the trouble that has to be gone to to obtain …

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Rosa Centifolia

The Roman Emperor Elagabalus once threw a party for some guests, against whom he had a grudge. After they had eaten at a prearranged signal his servants poured vast quantities of rose petals onto them.  They suffocated to death.


Ambergris is really one of the weirdest ingredients used in the cosmetics industry.  It is a foul smelling substance that is from time to time washed  up on beaches around the world.  It was in the news in the UK back in February when a man called Ken Whitman found a huge chunk of it …

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Genealogy of Perfumes

I’ve had this Genealogy of Perfumes in my papers since I picked it up in the eighties.  It was produced by a big fragrance house called Haarman and Reimer. It has always been something I have found interesting.  I have had it stuck on the wall of labs I’ve worked in at times.

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