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Beyoncé Heat Eau de Parfum Spray

The popular singer Beyoncé is not backward in coming forward and has come up with a striking fragrance offering, Beyoncé Heat Eau de Parfum Spray.  It is described as a rich, sophisticated scent with hints of red vanilla, magnolia,honeysuckle and almond.  It sounds great, and the pack is clearly a work of art in itself in a curvaceous bootyesque bottle with a fiery red colouring.  With an international profile so high it probably needs an oxygen mask, this is a product that will have no trouble getting distribution and attention.  I was not suprised to see that at time of writing it is the biggest seller on Amazon. Continue reading

Phthalates, Fragrances and Pregnancy

phthalates-fragrance-pregnancyLong standing reader Ffiona has not only a question but also some happy news as she expecting her first baby in July.

Hello Colin love the blog I always scan my feeds to see if you have written anything new and read that first.  I have another question, this time about phthalates.  I have seen stuff that says pregnant women should avoid fragrances because they contain phthalates.  Is this just a scare story or is there something in it?

Thanks for the kind words Ffiona and thanks for sticking with Colin’s Beauty Pages for such  long time.  So what is the relationship between phthalates, fragrances and pregnancy? Continue reading



Ambergris is really one of the weirdest ingredients used in the cosmetics industry.  It is a foul smelling substance that is from time to time washed  up on beaches around the world.  It was in the news in the UK back in February when a man called Ken Whitman found a huge chunk of it on Morecambe beach.  He was alerted to it when his dog found it fascinating.   Continue reading

Timotei Fragrance – Why Does It Smell of Timothy Grass?

Timotei Fragrance – Why Does It Smell of Timothy Grass?

How does a shampoo get to smell the way it does?

Colin’s Beauty Pages is a science blog as well as a beauty blog. Think of it as a sort of social media two in one shampoo. And so it is always great to get a question in from a scientist. This comes from my friend David Bradley, the man behind the blog http://www.sciencebase.com (which incidentally, I thoroughly recommend.)

“Do you happen to know what additives are used in Timotei that supposedly make it smell like a meadow of Timothy Grass?” Continue reading

Objects of Desire – Why I Want To Make The Next Chanel No.5

This week I heard for the first time about Google’s planned Chrome OS system. When I found out that it was planned to be a clean and quick operating system I knew straight away that I wanted it and that when it comes out I will get it. The interesting thing is that what I didn’t do was check out the price. I was going to pay whatever because it was something that I wanted. Well the price tag might be too high for me, but that would only mean it would be a unsatisfied desire- it would still be a desire. Continue reading