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Jasmine Oil for Acne


Jasmine- for Acne?

A question from Talia

I’ve got cystic acne. Currently I am on prescription medication, but before I was, I would get people stopping me in the street suggesting home remedies for the problem. One unusual one, offered by an East Indian man, was to apply jasmine oil to the pimples. I never tried it (it’s expensive stuff — I assume anyway that he meant jasmine essential oil) but am wondering what the benefit would be? I’ve also heard lavender oil similarly suggested. (Tea tree oil is also classic and common recommendation — but that one I did try, though to no effect.) I know in the case of tea tree oil it’s supposed to be antibacterial — would this hold true for the floral oils?

I have looked at data for both lavender oil and tea trea oil which is supportive of them working against acne.  But I haven’t done a systematic review of the literature on either.  I am afraid the project I was working on got cancelled before I could do the job properly. Continue reading

Lisa Lise Toners Review

lisaliseIf you read my post on skin toners you’ll know the background to this review.  Lisa Lise is a Danish cosmetic scientist who develops individualised cosmetic products to suit the needs of her clients.  She offered to do a skin toner for me when I said that I wasn’t sure what a skin toner actually did.  In fact she went one better and has done two for me. Continue reading

Oil Based Cleansers

Olive Oil

Oil based cleansers have a very long history.  In fact the first cleansers were oil based cleansers. When a Roman citizen came home from a busy day building aqueducts and conquering barbarians, the evening started with a bath.  The Roman would cover him or herself with olive oil, which was then removed by a slave using a strigil, a blunt bladed knife.  He would then go into a steam room  to open up the pores, before finishing off the process by plunging into a pool of water. Continue reading

Athena 7 Minute Lift Review

This is a product that takes itself very seriously. It comes with a CD with videos that explain what it is all about and show you how to use it. There is also a website with an impressive amount of information. The bit that interested me most was the clinical data. This has been done by a very respected testing house.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a free sample – I had to pay the full £50 ($90), so this is a premium product and we are entitled to hold it to high standards. Continue reading

Spotting a good fragrance from an ingredient list


Naturally sourced fragrances are usually higher quality

While writing my Creme de la Mer review I worked out that they were probably using an expensive fragrance at a high level from the ingredient listing.  We all pick up these little tricks as we go through life.  With a bit of practice, and some knowledge you should be able to do the same. Continue reading

Vanillin – Meet One of my Friends


Vanillin is a big part of the smell of a creme caramel

I am a chemist and I regard chemicals as my friends. Just like people, they all have their own personalities and there are some you like more than others. Also like people they all belong to families and the families themselves also have personalities. Some can be a bit dull. Hydrocarbons for instance are plodding, pedestrian and predictable. They are only made of carbon and hydrogen and they don’t do very much interesting. The hydrocarbons are a sort of lumpenproletariat. There are a lot of them around and we would be lost without them and the work they do, but they don’t often command any attention. Continue reading