The Dead Turtle Logo: How It Affects Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry

The “Dead Turtle” logo is used to inform consumers about plastic content in everyday products and its impact on the planet. It features a turtle with a plastic ring around its neck and is mandatory on certain products in the EU and Northern Ireland. The logo aims to increase transparency and awareness of Single Use Plastics and their long-term damage to the Earth.

The Palm Tree – The Cosmetic Industry’s Base

Some things I write about seem quite important to me but somehow don’t really resonate with the people who read my blog. For example I wrote a post on palm oil which explained how the palm oil business works.  Nobody read it.  But I still think it matters so here we go again. Basically palm …

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How Do Organic Accreditations Actually Work?

There are dozens of organic certification schemes. The way most of the big ones work is that they certify a particular supplier and also have a schedule of the actual products covered by that certification. So you’d have them come and certify your company and typically a certificate saying so. There would also be a …

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