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A Quick Guide To The Environmental Crisis

I give green personal care products a pretty rough time on this blog.  I don’t have any problem doing this as a public service because so many of them basically aren’t very good.  But it does run the risk that … Continue reading

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Is Benzophenone A Risk To Reproductive Health?

Big corporations are run for profits and are not too scrupulous about how they seek them.  We have seen tobacco companies ignore the health of smokers.  Big chemical companies have pushed lead into petrol.  Mining companies leave the public to … Continue reading

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Cyanide Containing Almonds Withdrawn From Whole Food Stores

I am indebted to my friend the LA Hobo (@thelahobo on Twitter) for drawing my attention to a recent action by the FDA ordering the recall of organic almonds on sale in Whole Foods stores in the United States.

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Microbeads In Cosmetics

As a keen environmentalist I often find myself face palming when a cosmetic company picks up on a green issue.  They often home in on things that aren’t particularly relevant and propose solutions that are questionable.  But I think the … Continue reading

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Doing Green The Right Way

I am a big fan of being green.  I’d love to see a lot more progress in that direction in the cosmetics industry and I am very happy to report on a company that according to a report in the … Continue reading

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A lot of scientists are keen to point out that ‘safe’ and ‘natural’ don’t always go together.  It is equally true that ‘synthetic’ and ‘toxic’ aren’t the same thing either.  Another less obvious pairing is that something can be both … Continue reading

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Whole Foods Banned Ingredient List

Whole Foods is a supermarket chain from America but which has global ambitions, including some stores in the UK.  Its unique selling point is that it stocks natural and organic products.  Speaking personally, I find the notion that any kind … Continue reading

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Cosmetic Ingredients – Natural or Synthetic?

Since at least the nineties and arguably even before that, the trend has been towards making personal care products that are as natural as possible. The cosmetics business has gone green, both metaphorically and in the case of the labels … Continue reading

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Are Soaps Containing Triclosan Effective?

One of the Chemists’ Corner team made a very good point on Twitter.  If antibacterial soaps, most of which contain triclosan, are effective then industry shouldn’t have any trouble demonstrating the fact.  The context to this is a recent request … Continue reading

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Palm Oil

A lot of people are concerned about palm oil production.  Palm oil production has some serious environmental issues associated with it to do with sustainability and destruction of precious wildlife habitats.  Older readers might remember serious air pollution caused by … Continue reading

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