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Detox – Are Biscuits The Answer?


Reading Twitter first thing in the morning is not a great idea.  Your blood sugar level is low and you are quite likely to find it annoying.  For example this morning I was confronted with a set of tweets promoting detox products and programmes.  My response was to tweet that I had just investigated the detox properties of eating a biscuit.  I had eaten a biscuit and felt better, and so concluded that biscuits are valuable form of detox therapy.  (Note for American readers – in the UK a biscuit is the name for what you call a cookie.)  Continue reading

Men Who Made Us Fat Part 3- BBC2 12.7.12

men who made us fat

The previous programmes looked at how we have ended up so fat.  In the third part the subject was so called healthy foods.  Health foods have been around a long time, but they really took off in the nineties when a series of health scares over food eroded people’s confidence in the mainstream food industry.   There was salmonella in eggs.  Beef was afflicted with mad cow disease.  It wasn’t mentioned on the show, but I think I remember that there was something supposed to be wrong with caviar.  Mad sturgeon disease I think it was. Continue reading

Men Who Made Us Fat Part 2- BBC2 21.6.12

men who made us fat

This is the second part of a three part series, though frankly when I reviewed the first part I thought the first one had already covered enough to be getting on with and there wasn’t much more to add.  But this week they looked at advertising and product developments.  Now because we all see food adverts, fast food outlets and snack products all the time it is easy to ignore them.  What this programme did superbly was to analyse what is actually going on behind the scenes with these everyday experiences. Continue reading

Men Who Made Us Fat Part 1- BBC2 14.6.12

men who made us fat

This programme made the case that rising levels of obesity are linked to increased consumption of sugar.  It was presented as if this was a surprising proposal.  I am not sure how many people would not have heard this proposition before, it was certainly not particularly news to me.  It was presented in a polemical way rather than a balanced one.  It was also really slowly paced, which I actually quite liked because I was taking notes and tweeting about it,  but would have been annoying in the extreme if I had just been watching it.  But it was clearly presented and easy to follow.  So as a bit of television, it was fine. Continue reading

Professor Regan’s Diet Clinic -BBC2 9.00pm 16th April 2009 – My Twitter Commentary

I tweeted my thoughts on this telly programme live when it was broadcast. If you are in the UK you can watch Professor Regan’s Diet Clinic here for 28 days from the date of this post.


But if you don’t want to watch a professional high standard piece of documentary making and you would rather read my random off the cuff tweets with some of my Twitter friends chipping in I have reproduced them below edited very slightly for clarity.

Continue reading