Jobs For Cosmetic Scientists

jobs for cosmetic scientists

I get a regular question from people doing science degrees who want to get into a career as cosmetic scientists. Here is the kind of rely I give, this particular one to long standing Beauty Pages reader Hannah.

Hello Hannah,

There are plenty of opportunities for employment in the cosmetic industry in the UK, probably more than there have ever been before. Look at the brands on your bathroom shelf. A lot of them operate in the UK and many are actually based here. Googling them will often get you to their address. There are also cosmetic contract manufacturing companies – just use that as a search term in google.

Raw material suppliers also employ scientists. This is quite a good way of getting to know how the industry works in fact.

Finally don’t forget that big retailers like Boots and Tesco also employ technical staff to look after their cosmetic purchasing.

Get your CV sorted out and then start sending it out. The place I have got all my jobs from is the New Scientist, which is I think still the preferred place for science jobs to be advertised. If you join the Society of Cosmetic Scientists they often have job ads in their monthly newsletter.

Best of luck.

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