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Palm Oil


A lot of people are concerned about palm oil production.  Palm oil production has some serious environmental issues associated with it to do with sustainability and destruction of precious wildlife habitats.  Older readers might remember serious air pollution caused by palm oil farming in Asia some years back.  The symbol of this has become the orang utan, whose numbers have been severely curtailed by the loss of their habitat to the palm plantations. Continue reading

Baby Massage


What is the best oil for baby massage?  This ought to be a simple question.  But first of all, should we be massaging babies at all in the first place?

It doesn’t sound like it should be a problem.  People like cuddling babies and babies seem to like being cuddled.  Massaging is just an extension of that after all.  But not everything that seems obvious turns out to be true.  Has anyone reviewed the evidence? Continue reading

Caprylic Capric Triglyceride


Coconuts are a good source of caprylic capric triglycerides

The names of cosmetic ingredients, and food ingredients, often make them sound a lot more complicated than they really are.  Caprylic capric triglyceride is a name that often appears on ingredient lists and I doubt that many people take much notice of it or wonder where it comes from.  But it is, usually, simply a very purified form of coconut oil.  It is defined by its composition, so it is possible to make it from similar oils such as palm oil as well. Continue reading


triisononanoinI get a lot of people arriving at this blog looking for information about triisononanoin.   I think the main reason is it used in Bio-Oil which always seems to generate interest. Who wouldn’t be curious about a cosmetic ingredient with such a strange name?  It would be great if the ingredient itself were equally curious.   I could then do a ‘Triisononanoin?  Crazy name, crazy guy!’ kind of a post. Continue reading