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Q10 – Does It Work?


The pace of scientific advance over the last couple of centuries has been astonishing. Innovations have poured out of laboratories and workshops transforming our lives forever. Very few of the new ideas that have shaped the modern world have avoided at some stage being used as marketing stories by the cosmetic industry. One of the most extraordinary mismatches between the science and what marketing departments do with it is Q10. Continue reading

Is Retinol About To Be Banned In Cosmetics?


Eggs-Rich Source of Vitamin A

Retinol is one of a number of vitamin A derivatives that is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. ¬†When I wrote about it last time I glossed over one of its drawbacks. ¬†Along with the rest of the vitamin A family overdosing can have some very serious health issues. Vitamin A is fat soluble and as such it is possible for it to build up in the body’s fat deposits. In extreme cases this can lead to birth defects. Continue reading