Blog Review: No More Dirty Looks

I don’t like the blog No More Dirty Looks much at the best of times, but a particularly irritating blog post had me reaching for my camera.  Rant alert.

5 thoughts on “Blog Review: No More Dirty Looks”

  1. britishbeautyblogger

    Colin.. how apt that you have posted this on Oscar night.. you should definitely win ;-)) Great vid.. looking forward to more.

  2. Loved this review, couldn’t stop laughing. I never encountered “no more dirty looks” before (must check out for the LOLs) but I have encountered quite a few people that either completely lose perspective when they talk about something they are passionate about (that’s my kind interpretation) or probably are just plain ignorant (most likely the reality)… can I say again I love your blog?

  3. PS – had a look at the blog, raged after a couple of posts had to come back to add that I abhor people who say “that chemicals are bad for you”. Try not to breathe or drink chemicals and then let me know how well you fare.

    1. Thanks for your comments Ana. I hope you didn’t find that blog too traumatic. I am never sure whether it is a good idea to highlight them and give them credibility by noticing them.

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