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Avon Sells Liz Earle To Walgreens

Avon Sells Liz Earle To Walgreens

I hate to be cynical but I have to say I’m not particularly surprised to hear that Avon has sold Liz Earle. This is the way with corporate brands. Avon needed some cash, and selling off this line was a handy way of realising it. Interesting bit is where exactly it has ended up. Walgreens for people who don’t know it he’s one of the biggest pharmacy chains in United States. It is a bit like Boots in the UK. In fact earlier this year it actually bought Boots. This makes it is just about the biggest Health retailer on the planet.

So where does this leave Liz Earle? Well who knows. But there is one possibility which which which might well develop over the next couple of years. To all intents and purposes is now an own brand of a big retailer. It could very well end up just like No 7. The Walgreen/boots organisation is very used to dealing with this kind of thing. It is said that if you’re a hammer all you see is nails. The most likely outcome is that Liz Earle will very soon cease to have any independent identity at all.

This is a bit shame for a brand which whatever else you might think about it certainly had some personality.  I certainly don’t think we’ll be getting a representative of Walgreens turning up at a Cosmetic Scientists meeting to give a talk, as Liz once did.  That I’m afraid is the way the world.

(Amongst other things, this makes my previous posts about Liz Earle rather irrelevant.  Oh well.  Here is one of them anyway.)

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