Attracting Women

Chemistry can be a wonderful thing sometimes.  A lot of men don’t have natural good looks, lots of money or appealing personalities.  Obviously we, er I mean they, could pay a bit of attention to their appearance, earn some cash and work on the charm a bit.  But luckily a new development from Provital offers hope to avoid such drastic measures.  

It works by stimulating the male body’s production of a pheromone.  Pheromones are chemicals that are produced by animals including humans that send out signals about sexual attractiveness.  Tiny quantities of these chemicals can attract members of the opposite sex.  For some reason, this has primarily been angled towards males rather than females.

I imagine that this is something that a lot of men will find very appealing.  Will women find it appealing as well?  That is what we will find out.  But I am hoping that this will lead to more products like the much missed Hai Karate after shave, which had such a strong effect that women were unable to control themselves around men wearing it and the manufacturers were obliged to include instructions on self defence in the pack.

I will watch developments with interest.

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