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Women In Cosmetic Science


There has been a bit of a twitterstorm over the shirt worn by one of the scientists, Matt Taylor, on the team that landed the satellite on the comet.  It wasn’t the kind of shirt I would wear personally, but I have to say it didn’t look all that especially offensive.  If I am honest, my main reaction was to think that it would be nice to achieve something significant enough that people actually care what you are wearing.  I was also struck by a detail of the story.  (Caveat – I read this on Twitter so it could be fantasy.)  Apparently the shirt was custom made for him by the wife of his tattoo artist, who gave it to him as a present.  It was a reflection of how she saw him, and as such was probably rather special.  I am not surprised then that he choose to wear it on the television for his big moment. Continue reading