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Why Develop A Spa Range?

why develop a spa range?

So why develop a spa range? It seems obvious to me, but may well not be so to anyone else so let me explain. A spa treatment has to be really good. It is applied by a skilled technician directly on to a paying customer. If it is in any way substandard, it will be noticed very quickly. You just have to meet the expectations of the end users or you will be getting the worst kind of feedback very rapidly. Continue reading

Looking Back

my notebooks

I don’t have my lab books to work from, but I have kept a lot of notes over the years. In particular I have a set of hard backed notebooks, photo above, which I have used for various jottings and note taking. I have been dipping into them while working up my spa range ideas. It is easy to get distracted by them though. They go back to 1992 and there are a lot of memories in them. Continue reading