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Pigments In Paintings And Cosmetics

national gallery

I was glad I made the time last summer to visit the National Gallery’s exhibition of the pigments artists have used over the years.  It was a fascinating business, and it is a bit sobering to remember just how much work the great masters of painting had to do before they even got to the stage of getting to the actual painting.  As a cosmetic scientist it was also interesting to see just how much overlap there was between what artists and cosmeticians used, and indeed still do.  It was also interesting to note that changes in the availability of raw materials and the technology for processing them have had a big influence on what could be done, another common thread that applies to both art and cosmetics. Continue reading

Can You Make Your Own Mineral Makeup On Your Printer?

Can You Make Your Own Mineral Makeup On Your Printer?

Lily contacted me on my Facebook page and drew my attention to a rather remarkable business proposition reported on the Business Insider blog.  Basically it is a novel printer that you can hook up to your computer and print out mineral makeup from it.  You go into Photoshop to create your colour – or scan it in from an object you have found.  There is a video of a demo where the inventor explains what she has created. Continue reading