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Hair Care Secrets – Horizon BBC2 23rd January 2017

Hair Care Secrets BBC HorizonSo how much hair care can you cover in an hour?  Quite a lot, but maybe not as much as the producers tried to cram into this one.  We had the biology of hair, a run down of the chemistry of both shampoos and conditioners, restorative hair surgery, a new hair strengthening agent, hair evaluation technology, how to shoot hair for adverts, greying hair and the latest gene research.  I am out of breath just typing it all. Continue reading

Garnier Moisture Match

Garnier-moisture-matchGarnier Moisture Match is a range of moisturising products varied to match different skin types.  This is a really neat idea and I am a bit surprised that nobody has done it before. (Standard caveat -in the beauty business somebody has always done it before.  I mean none of the major players has done it before.)  It makes sense because what a moisturiser mainly does it provide a barrier to the skin to prevent water loss. The actual moisture comes from inside your body.  All the product does is slow down the rate you lose it at.  We all have different degrees of water loss and so our choice of moisturiser is a very individual one.
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Is the credit crunch affecting the way you buy your beauty products?

If you look at the numbers, the financial chaos sweeping the globe hasn’t yet had much impact on the the personal care industry. Although its fourth quarter sales were down, overall L’Oreal managed a very respectable sales growth of over 5% in 2008. The outlook for 2009 is not as rosy, but it seems very unlikely that any company in the sector will be asking any government for any bail outs.

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L’Oreal – Masters of the Cosmetics Universe

L’Oreal bestride the cosmetic and personal care world like a colossus. The L’Oreal brand itself is a huge business, but they also own Garnier, Maybelline, Redken, Lancôme, Helena Rubinstein, Kiehl’s, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren to mention just a few and not that long ago acquired the Body Shop. Proctor and Gamble and Unilever are bigger companies, slightly, but they have interests outside the cosmetics and personal care industry. In the industry proper nobody is as big as L’Oreal.

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