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Colin Solves Your Problems 24 – What Are The Risks of Hydroquinone


Should you risk hydroquinone on your freckles?

An interesting enquiry from Tracy, who uses hydroquinone and gets good results.

Hi Colin, I have had freckles ever since I was a child and have always detested them. I now use a Hydroquinone 4% cream which gives excellent results. The only trouble is, as soon as you stop using it, back come the freckles (and I am very careful with sunscreen). Is it very risky to use HQ off and on for long periods? The only side effect I have ever noticed is occasional dermatitis-type redness around my nose. Once I stop using the HQ for a while it goes away, and it doesn’t happen every time I use it by any means. Why is there such concern about this ingredient? Thanks!

Tracy doesn’t say where she is from, but you would have a hard job finding a 4% hydroquinone cream in Europe, so I am guessing either America or Asia.  It is generally frowned upon everywhere, but lots of people really like the results they get with it.  So how bad is it? Continue reading

Skin Lightening Products

I don’t often say this, but I am indebted to inveterate scaremonger Stacey Malkin for drawing my attention to a dangerous ingredient in some cosmetic products.  Stacey Malkin is the author of a very misleading book warning people about imaginary risks she claims you run using everyday personal care products.  She also has a blog where she invariably gets things wrong.  But tucked away in the comments section of one post I found a reference to some tests done on products in the Phillipines indicating that high levels of mercury have been found in skin care products.

Most stories about the supposed dangers of cosmetics are just that, stories.  Journalists love to scare you – it shifts newspapers and books.  But there were some details in this particular one that sounded quite plausible.  But first a bit of background. Continue reading