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What Is Healthy To Eat?

It's tasty, but is it healthy?

It’s tasty, but is it healthy?

A pair of groups of whom I have never heard before called the the National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration have made a bit of a stir in today’s newspapers by attacking government health advice. The official line is that obesity is caused by eating too much fat, so we should avoid it and go for low fat options.  These activists claim that it is the other way around.  We should eat plenty of fat and avoid processed carbohydrates.  Who is right? Continue reading

My experience on the 2:5 diet

Why I decided to try the 2:5 diet

There is so much contradictory advice around in the health field, even if you stick to the stuff that has some science behind it, that it is impossible to know what the best thing to do is.  My approach is to give things a try and see how they work for me.  When I started on the 2:5 diet I didn’t have any particular expectations. It didn’t seem like it was especially different to any other strategy and I was basically just trying to find the optimum one that enabled me to shed some weight with the minimum of fuss. Continue reading

Is Five A Day Enough?


Another day, another health story to wake up to on the radio.  It turns out that five a day is not enough.  We need to eat at least seven portions of fruit and/or vegetable a day.  More if you can.  Oh, and fruit isn’t as healthy as vegetables.  But the good news is you will live 7.5 years longer if you eat seven or more.  You’ll probably get onto your greengrocer’s Christmas card list as well. Continue reading

Review of Horizon: The Truth About Exercise presented by Michael Mosley (BBC2 28th Feb 2012)


I have just watched a really interesting programme.  It had claimed that it was going to radically alter what we have believed for decades about exercising.  In fact, 3 minutes exercise a week is enough to achieve significant health benefits.   A strong claim,   I had to give it a watch. Continue reading

Professor Regan’s Diet Clinic -BBC2 9.00pm 16th April 2009 – My Twitter Commentary

I tweeted my thoughts on this telly programme live when it was broadcast. If you are in the UK you can watch Professor Regan’s Diet Clinic here for 28 days from the date of this post.


But if you don’t want to watch a professional high standard piece of documentary making and you would rather read my random off the cuff tweets with some of my Twitter friends chipping in I have reproduced them below edited very slightly for clarity.

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Can appetite suppressants help you lose weight?

Most of us are dissatisfied to some extent or another with our body shape. A lot of people are a lot heavier than they would like to be, and there have been endless ideas put forward about how to get to the weight you want to be. One of the things we all know is that if we eat too much we put on weight, and that we can lose weight by eating less. I get some surprised looks sometimes when I suggest that excercising isn’t very helpful for getting slim. My logic is that what matters is how much you eat relative to how much energy your body burns. If you exercise you deplete your blood sugar, and this makes you hungry. Your problem now is one of willpower. But if you have the willpower to overcome your hunger, you could do that just as easily without exercise. In fact the act of burning up your energy quickly has probably made it harder not easier to resist your cravings.

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Dieting the Beauty Scientist Way

Losing weight is very easy if you have a lot of will power. Perform some vigorous exercise. The body will burn your fat and you will weigh less. No problem. Well there is a bit of a problem. Your body has evolved over millions of years to make you hungry when you have burnt fat. As soon as you have burnt off the fat your body will try to get you to replace it, and this is a very strong urge. To successfully lose weight by exercise you not only have to do the exercise, you also need to have extremely strong will power. The other approach is to not put the calories in in the first place by dieting.  But once again you will be hungry so again you are fighting against deep seated primal instincts.  You will need that iron will power again. Continue reading