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Latest research relating to attractiveness.

Women like Men with scars


A recent piece of UK research has found that women rate men with small facial scars more attractive than the same men without scars. The study was carried out in Liverpool and Stirling. 115 women and 64 men rated the attractiveness of eight strangers of the opposite sex. Half were given original face shots, the other half viewed images that had scars artistically added via computer imaging. Continue reading

Dieting the Beauty Scientist Way

Losing weight is very easy if you have a lot of will power. Perform some vigorous exercise. The body will burn your fat and you will weigh less. No problem. Well there is a bit of a problem. Your body has evolved over millions of years to make you hungry when you have burnt fat. As soon as you have burnt off the fat your body will try to get you to replace it, and this is a very strong urge. To successfully lose weight by exercise you not only have to do the exercise, you also need to have extremely strong will power. The other approach is to not put the calories in in the first place by dieting.  But once again you will be hungry so again you are fighting against deep seated primal instincts.  You will need that iron will power again. Continue reading

Evolution, the key to attractiveness


It is impossible to understand attractiveness without reference to Darwin’s majestic theory.  Humans are the product of biology and that biology has programmed us to seek out the mates that give us the greatest chance of passing our genes on to the next generation. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – this is certainly true.  Noted anthropologist Donald Symons put it another way:beauty is in the adaptations of the beholder. Continue reading

A Handsome Face

We all know a handsome face when we see one. But what features go to make a male face attractive? I am indebted here to a rather amazing website BeautyCheck from the University of Regensburg in Germany.

They have been using a computer morphing programme to look at what people find attractive. Here are a couple of morphs. These were produced by continually blending original photographs that were judged either attractive or unattractive.

I have tried these out by asking a range of women their opinions of them. The consensus agreed with Regensbug about which one was more attractive. But interestingly there were some objections. They said that he looked arrogant. They also said that he lacked personality. I put this one down to female intuition. He obviously does lack personality in a very literal sense as he is simply a computer image. Ugly guy was described as looking friendly.

I found this very interesting. Presumably good looking guys can get away with being arrogant. But if you aren’t a natural babe magnet you probably have to work harder at your charm if you want to get some attention?Guide To Cosmetic Ingredients For The Perplexed Cover
With teutonic efficiency the Germans have listed the actual attributes that they have identified. So what kind of male face do women find attractive? There is a preference for darker skin, a narrower facial shape, not a plump one. The lips should be full and symmetrical. The upper half of the face should be broader, the cheek bones higher and the lower jaw more prominent. These are all indicators of higher levels of testosterone.

Dark skin

Narrow facial shape

Little fat

Full and symmetrical lips

Dark eye brows and lashes

Upper half of the face broader

High cheek bones

Prominent lower jaw and chin

So now I will be looking at these to see if I can come up with some recommendations for how you can make your face more attractive to women based on these findings.




beard number one

Beards – who can resist them

Facial hair on men is a subject that provokes strong emotions. Some cultures have frowned upon beards. The ancient Romans approved of the clean shaven look. No Roman before Hadrian had a beard. Not many after him did either. In England the well scraped jaw is favoured by the upright Cromwellian maintainers of order. Beards are the province of the artistic and Bohemian. I am struggling to think of a bearded prime minister. The closest I can think of are the notable sideburns sported by Gladstone. In general, you might find the hairy to be fun but you don’t trust them with high office. The vicar can have a beard, but maybe not the bank manager. Continue reading

Why long legs make you more attractive


New Scientist is reporting a Polish study which has concluded that long legs are attractive in both sexes. Long legs are sexy .The study was carried out by Boguslaw Pawlowski and Piotr Sorokowski at the University of Wroclaw in Poland. It has been known for some time that taller people are more attractive but this study has gone into more detail and shown that the ratio of the legs to the rest of the body is a factor. They have quantified it, and it turns out that legs that are 5% longer than average relative to body size are the most attractive. Interestingly this applied to both genders: women favoured men with longer legs. Continue reading

Looking good gets you a better job


If like me you were brought up in a fairly protestant work ethic sort of culture, you might well regard concern for one’s appearance as a superficial sort of thing. Grooming oneself might seem a form of vanity. Well maybe it is – but it turns out that potential employers don’t see it that way. A recent report in the Annals of the New York Acadamy of sciences suggests that looking good gets you a better job. Continue reading